Lucy, the virtual star of ‘Wolves in the Walls’ becomes a screenwriter, with some help from new friends

Collage of Polaroids, Trip to Sundance
Lucy’s Polaroid Collage — Fable Studio Inc.

Steam as a video platform

Over the past four months, I helped my girlfriend Janina build a small community for her crowdsourcing cartoon “Smosh Mosh — Everything can be a movie”. Even though I usually create virtual reality experiences, it was a good practice to improve my marketing skills in preparation for my next project.

Smosh Mosh fan page
  1. Start early — it’s a long path.
    The concept behind Smosh Mosh was to ask the community for their input on story, characters…

SONAR screened as part the 2016 Sundance New Frontiers program (“narrative virtual reality”)

Philipp Maas

Director at Fable Studio; Director of VR short SONAR. Former Oculus Story Studio. Founder of scope - virtual content studio.

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