the day i died: moonlight

A hundred spears pierced through my body

A thousand bullets shot into my head

A million thorns thrown upon my soul

I died

It’s full moon tonight

Shining down upon my dead corpse

Lifting my souls up to the sky

Telling me to wake up

Stand to fight

Fighting irrationality

Battling stupidity

Against intangible walls

That moonlight asked me to believe in the people in this land

A beautiful vast land full of rotten minds

A God’s masterpiece filled with stink guts

The moonlight were shining brightly

Bringing goodness to mankind on earth

But, not all men alive could accept him

Some men thought this moonlight were blinding

This moonlight were dangerous, deadly

So, they imprisoned him forever in the sky

Not allowing the light penetrating hazy clouds

While many men from other side put so much hope in the moonlight

Ready and willing to battle the other men to bring back moonlight

I was one of the men fighting for the moonlight

But, I died in the battle ground

Lost, defeated, left here to die

I lost my faith to this very soil

Not because a hundred spears nor a thousand bullets nor a million thorns

It is because I lost hope

My moonlight

People’s moonlight

For Mr. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama “Ahok”,
月亮代表我的心 yue liang dai biao wo de xin.
Written under sky decorated with full-moon in May 10th, 2017.
The day Mr. Ahok was ‘crucified’.