Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

I suspect it is because you and so many others watch the mainstream news. Perhaps you believe they really are legitimate news programmes, whereas it has been admitted that they are simply entertainment programmes.

Now, there is a lot of nonsense on youtube, mainly from the uneducated masses, but there are also some well-made tell-it-as-it-is reports that make it very clear that too many people believed that Hillary was untrustworthy and simply out to feather her own nest. And that means the sickening practice of selling and using weapons.

Try watching RT (Russia Today), broadcast in english, often from the London studios. RT’s thrice-weekly Crosstalk programme is very revealing, as is the BBC’s weekly Question Time programme.

Try not to expect the truth to find you, the truth needs to be found. Anything that makes money from delivering news to you is basically profit-making entertainment.

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