16 Ways To Act Like An Entrepreneur (Without Actually Being One)

Completely natural unstaged photo of young entrepreneurs via pexels.com

Are you looking to impress people but don’t want to put in any work? Here are sixteen ways to make yourself feel super important and, like, totally entrepreneurial.

1. When someone tells you about a hobby or activity they love doing, ask them how they plan on monetizing it.

2. Tell your friends and family about how life changing the “self-help” books you’re reading are and never actually change anything about your life.

3. Have a list of favorite podcasts and blogs and insist to anyone who isn’t aware of them that they are missing out.

4. Have a blog and never write in it.

5. Refer to your social media presence as your “Personal Brand”.

6. Write “Ten Ideas A Day” but never share any of them.

7. Create tasks lists. Lots and lots of task lists. As many as you can every day. Maybe scratch off a few items on one or two of the lists to make yourself feel productive.

8. Be super into life-hacking. Boast about the small amount of sleep you got last night.

8. Develop a backlog of goals, a very long backlog. The backlog should include goals like “Start my own business”, “Drink more Soylent”, and “Read The 4-hour workweek”.

9. Do not plan out how to accomplish any of your goals but tell everyone about them.

10. Mention names like Tim Ferris, Elon Musk, James Altucher, or Gary Vaynerchuk to people and gawk when they don’t know who they are.

11. Always have your five-year plan ready. Do not plan anything earlier than five years from now.

12. When you meet someone new, give them your rehearsed elevator pitch. You never know who will be your angel investor.

13. Wear only solid color t-shirts.

14. Be so over the most recent tech fad. Last year was Twitter. This year is Uber.

15. Only ever use shared resources. Shared transportation, shared living spaces, shared toilets but only if you can access it via your smartphone.

16. Invest a lot of time talking about your dreams but not a single penny.