Why hello there … I guess you can’t show who you really are online for fear of your association…

“Alternative Facts” are not new. Everybody has a point of view. Name any fact, someone can dispute it. It’s called framing, misdirection… happens all the time. But serve it up, the jesters behave like it’s something new. Crowds gathered to complain about Tax returns, not quite as sexy as the sixties. Trump’s re-election cements with each LGBT twerking parade and mewling mob chant on tax returns. American’s want to be treated like they matter, that their struggles, their identity and nation matter. Tired of being talked down to about the politicized pseudo-science of climate and gender. When a climate change argument begins with eyes shut and ears covered, it’s a religion, not a science. Rage over Trump is programming, drilled into the soft unchallenged mind that hates when told. The left have proven they will attempt to ruin the life and livelihood of anyone that disagrees with them, so yeah, rather not show my face. How many Trump Red-hats have to be cut, bashed with sticks, kicked and maced by violent Antifa mobs before that is understood. Unless you are unaware that that has been going on for months before the election and continues to this day. Maybe you haven’t heard about it, because of the “Alternative Facts” you get from your news sources. Ignorance is bliss. You don’t seem happy, but you do seem a little too happy with yourself. A side effect of the smug. If you don’t question everything told to you by the man in the box by now, by whatever professors you had, by politicians you like and dislike, then you might as well stay in that single narrow lane, drinking your Kool Aid. Don’t let me stop you.