Tough Luck Destroyers of Hillary Clinton: You Won the Battle, You Won’t Win the War
Sasha Stone

Marine La Pen voters were being blocked from the polling booths by pink and purple haired SJW feminists. They must hate women then. The Democrats want Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard to vacate her seat for speaking the truth about Obama funding terrorists in Syria. She is a remarkable woman, also young and energetic and the best spoken person I have ever seen in an interview, and they want her out. Seems like it isn’t a woman problem, it’s ‘a failure to support independent women that think for themselves and don’t have a team of people swarming around to make them look and act human’ problem. There was an experiment at New York University where the campaign and debates were reenacted with the genders reversed. It was very well done. The Trump female character was found to be genuine and trustworthy and strong. The Hillary male was found to be inauthentic, dishonest and not trustworthy. So, since gender is so important to YOU, just like to some people race, or sexual orientation, or income bracket means more than treating them like well rounded humans who make decisions based on more than whether someone pops a squat or stands when they pee, then by all means, think I didn’t vote for that ice cold fraud of a human being, Hillary Clinton, because she is a woman. Your disdain is an example of the elitist, identity politics that is meant to drive people apart. Trump said we are ALL Americans, and we bought it.