App Market to grow to Dollar 77 Billion industry by 2017

The market for mobile application has already grown to many folds since the start, it has become huge — and it’s just going to keep getting bigger. Businesses are going mobile, if your business doesn’t already have a mobile application, it might be time to think about getting developed one.

More than 1 Billion smartphones were sold in year 2015. This number is twice as many as the number of personal computers according to infographic generated by the University at Birmingham’s Online Masters in Management Information Systems.

Currently, the average mobile app user spend more than 15 hours a month on more than one dozen apps. Wondering that’s a lot of people spending a lot of time with their noses stuck in apps, do you?

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Given that 46% of App users report having paid for their apps, that’s big money, too. By 2017, its expected that over 268 billion download will generate $77 billion worth of revenue.