The Calm Company (our next book)
Jason Fried

Serious question, only because I don’t want to feel like this again: how much of this will be what passionate SvN readers read on a daily basis and how much of it will be new and worth reading? I feel bad about how critical I was the first review around even though it was an enjoyable read.

It’s always sat with me that you and DHH may have read that review and thought, “F this guy,” without understanding how much I appreciate all that you’ve done for me and my businesses throughout the years.

I’m dedicated to radical transparency at work, the ethos that I do not own my employees, and hold steadfastly to the notion that as long as work is getting done and the quality of the work is good, I couldn’t care less about the hours going into it or where my team is located. I’m on your side, on all fronts, because you’ve taught me more than I could ever thank you for when it comes to being an employee and now an employer.

If I read everything you write and know what you stand for, should I expect this to be what I’ve already read via Medium or should I expect a refresh on it and something that I can try to force-feed down my industry colleagues’ throats? This work-at-all-costs religion is dangerous, unhealthy, abusive, and cruel. I want this book to address how harmful that is and how a peaceful mind is a productive mind is a happy mind.

You guys are great. I can’t thank you enough for how hard you push against this dirty culture around work right now.

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