Pressure, expectations and validation kills you! Get in the learner mode again.

Your corporate innovations may no be where they should be because of one word. Pressure.

Pressure to deliver. Pressure to embarass ourselves. We will fail. I wanted to become and artist when I was a kid. But at the end of high school, when I had to choose a life path, I was afraid that some day I might not be creative, novel and innovative any more. So, why do we feel this pressure? Expectations.

Think about it. When a baby starts walking for the first time, it doesnt second guess itself and say „I am not sure, if I am gonna look cool doing this walk.“ „I don‘t know, if I got this down yet.“ „I am not gonna do this publicly.“ No, it just tries walking. It has no pressure because there are not expectations. She has not built up that image in her mind yet. As adults we have built up an image of ourselves. Or We worry that other people have an image or an expectation of us that we have to live up to. We get more concerned about maintaining our image, than archieving growth, than learning. Expectations can come from many places. But there is one that positive source that has a negative side. Validation.

When you are successful and you get acknowledged for success, you put pressure on yourself. Then you are in danger of getting paralyzed. All of a sudden you overthink or overanalyze. Validation kills. When you get attached to it, success becomes this trophy in a cabinet that you spend all your time polishing and not wanting to tarnish it. And in not wanting to tarnish it, you stop taking new risks. Most people are more concerned with protecting their image instead of being the baby who is going out there and trying to walk.

I dont care how much you have accomplished. In some area of your life you are a baby that is trying to walk. We all are. And once we admit that and once we can tear everything down and begin at zero, thats when our power begins. We we go from seeing ourselves as a professional to being a student again. Students can make mistakes. Students can screw up. They can get it wrong. They can fail. The moment you think you are a professional, it’s done because you don’t want to loose that image. I will stay a student my entire life. I will always come to listen and learn, to take risks and fail.

Students are not afraid to take a different way, get lost, get it wrong. You can go to the grave with pride. You can go out of business with pride, and it will deprive you of so many of life’s best experiences and stop us fomr ever seeing what we are really capable of in life. I want to start from humility. Sit down. Be humble.

If you want to go into learner mode, we have a ready made process thats done for you, where you can do exactly that. Use the hackathon as a trigger for getting away from protecting your image and instead coming to a place where you build yourself. Starting today. You can take your first baby steps with us again. Join us. Take the pressure off your creativity and execution ability. Learn how to take baby steps again: