“The Thing North Korea, Prison And Africa Have In Common Western Complainers Should Know”

“ In the papers we read and in the news you see there is a battle going on as old as politics itself. It’s a battle to gain your attention and a battle to win your vote”--- Stephen Bradshaw

We hear it being sang like song each hour, the importance of appreciation. The need to have a grateful heart. You are told that only when you value the one you have would another be added to you.

To be human, it’s at times too difficult to think in that line. Humans wants more of everything even things we don’t need. It’s our nature. We want to be in the first class, upper lung. We want to go from hundrednaire to billionaire to trillionaire within seconds.

Who want to share with others?, we can acquire it all then give to others and made sure they realized the hospitality of whom they are enjoying. But first, they have to kowtow and give honor to whom it’s due. That’s average man for you. The reality man.

I have seen many articles on America recently based mostly on what is making headlines there. Senseless shootings, inflation, Cryptocurrencies going kaput, immigration problems and other Political, racial and social negativities. Most comments and prophecies are on the doom side.

Decay, demise, decline, deep dive, deep sea and all other negative D based words. Most Americans are so confused and afraid that some have relocated, some comparing events and situation there to events in Ukraine, ancient Rome and all those other “once something but now nothing” history based places.

To us observing from afar, I think that all those noises are normal human reactions. Great depression there was in 1929, I am not sure anyone feeding himself then is still feeding himself now. If any, they must be in the range of 0.001 percent.

America is America, so, many even those feeding from it want it dead not because they are America but because it’s in our nature also. We root for top dogs everywhere while secretly supporting the under dogs vice versa. Even if it is China or Iran, it would in long run be the same. Human nature.

Yet, all the places they are likening America to, am not sure followed the same trend am seeing in America now. Besieged trend not decay.

NAH. Never the same. America is under siege spiritual and physically by group of forces that has many excuses as reason for their actions. Actually, it’s good news. If these symptoms like signs aren’t there and what’s happening there is happening, it is mighty sign that they were heading to their grave but they are there and so pronounced that all can see. I saw too.

Fear masses are expressing is normal. It’s when that degree of fear start coming from government can people panic be justified. There’s an adage here:

A man that have been eating from ceramic and breakable plate and suddenly ends up with tin plate, has a lot to worry about. Class have changed for worse.

Yeah, the change over there might be in the downwards trend but it’s the normal events on planet Earth. They has depression in their history and blood, war and terror attacks too. I am sure they never jumped from nursery to university level. They went through proper process. Whatever leap in their history is never in the form of nursery to university.

So, masses fretting, complaining and making negative noises can’t cut it. The idea is to always accept reality and then work from there. Things aren’t as they were before and it’s not your fault but that of your enemies.

Being grateful in all situations does help a lot. If you have any doubt, take a hard look around you far and near. Your so called bad situation is still center of heaven to many. Am writing this around 5:45 am from Africa, do you want to exchange base with me?

No matter the noise on the political terrain there on the demise of democracy, do you want to exchange base with the Chinese or North Korea? – not minding the Chinese money. Many are running away from there.

I was at that part of the world for almost 20 years so, I think am in position to tell about the situation there. I was also with the north and south Koreans in prison so, I can tell a little about Koreans too. People has this sorry image of the north Koreans as finished people in their minds. Wretched of the earth, poverty, communism being their second nature. No ownership of private property, movement being monitored and planned for for you. Some doing the monitoring, planning and distributing of properties you are not even sure theirs are being distributed too.

Observing the two Koreans in prison for years, if asked to chose, I will not think twice before choosing the northern guys over southern guys and south Koreans over China and Japanese. If behaviors and trustworthiness of those in prisons I served were to be used as yardstick for making a choice, I will not go wrong too. Imagine that.

Talking about prison, it’s a place where almost all your rights as human is taking away by another group of humans that commit more than you they are denying at times just to remind you the difference between the two uniforms you’re wearing.

Prison used to be a hiding places for politicians or prominent members of the society on run. Safe place where your enemies won’t think of looking for you. You are told that if you want totally peace of mind, security, prison is the place to be. Maybe before I got there. Not now. When I was there, it’s the opposite of all you are told that is the reality there. If you want to be turned into guinea pig of all nature, prison is the place to be.

If you like vegetables that you wish you are one, in prison, your request would be granted with certain tailored behaviors from you.

I suspect it’s due to all that hardships, suffering and denials that the behaviors, utterances, attitudes, quest that attitude of the north Koreans were as refined as In the level i witnessed it in prison. Self respect. Minding their businesses, not easily bought.

Well directed pain and suffering I realized makes a better man out of people. Cause man to focus inwards, makes them more resilient and endow them with ability to persevere in the face of any hard conditions without complaining a lot.

As long as the suffering isn’t in ignorance or sin, the person is conditioned and strengthened just like exercise does to the body, energize it and energy flows into other organs and emotions.

The question for Americans should be:

•Are you suffering in ignorance or sin?

•Is this phase of the suffering well directed?

•Is it energizing emotions, health and other human and societal organs?

“Gratitude unlock the fullness of life, it turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion to reality. It can turn a meal into feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend” ---Melody Beattie

Guns and diabolic attacks and manipulation are never the signs of decline at least from any known history, ancient and modern. It’s tribulation that has expiry date, it passes away in due time.

So, if you truly believe that you’re in hell, you can always chose Africa, North Korea or prison and then compare and contrast like the saying goes. You can even chose 1929 or 2022 America. The choice is yours too.

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Philip, is a freelancer, blogger, and short story writer. His skills includes: writing, reading, listening, creative and administrative. get him philipainox2@

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Philip Ebuluofor

Philip, is a freelancer, blogger, and short story writer. His skills includes: writing, reading, listening, creative and administrative. get him philipainox2@