“ What does it mean to be a co-labouerers, to advance racial justice?, What does allyship looks like to you?”

I was packing my own shopping invoice from late 2011 to 2020. Before I decided to do away with them all. You might be wondering why do that?, Precautionary move. I noticed that devil parade around inside there in human form, talking, laughing and pretending to be human to snare the unsuspecting. Officers are crazy.

In 2012, foreigners in Yancheng prison accidentally noticed that the prison authorities were selling the same thing from the same shopping mall in the same week differently to Chinese prisoners and foreign prisoners.

Could you believe that the articles they sell 1.8 RMB, was being sold 2.8 to foreigners. Foreigners began making racial noise and authorities became angry with the Chinese prisoners for vibrating too much and raised their prices too. Just one example.

Phrases like racial justice won’t be existing unless there’s racism. That thing called racism is what you will come to realize as you mature is something that is everywhere. And I have to realize also that a little bit of it is needed for sanity sake. Don’t you think so?. Think deep.

It’s something that a race naturally act upon the other race he believes wrongly or rightly to be superior to. Even Chinese believed in this theory. Remember those their funny adverts around 2010?, After advert, you will hear made in China with German or American technology. So racism is psychological decease that exist everywhere even among people of the same race.

Solutions I believe can be found there.
You need to look around in the world nowadays and you will notice that man is invaded by force that’s more powerful than him and at times, man works against his own will that is, if he still has any. He can’t even swear that he is in charge of his own actions anymore.

Humans as you come to mature, you realize are like birds and by nature, flocks together.
Petra the Jamaican musician said that: My property is my property, I believed her and I still do. Racial justice is common sense. People must know this.

I am still answering racism questions labeled against me by the officers simply because I at my age decided who to give my own share of morning egg in prison. So, they want to intimidate me on who to hand over my own property to. And it was excuses to deny me other rights. Racism.

I was nobody that racism made somebody indirectly, I don’t know anything like they kept to reminding me to my face, don’t have money( Asians value this as weapon so much), I don’t seek anything outside my peace( they will never give it to you for there’s none inside them), I was kept in prison for more 8 years in defiance of court orders and was trying to make it permanent all because of racism which am sure you know is evil.

I wonder at times what made Hitler to start killing Jews in millions, why would someone claiming to be normal start killing people?.

You guess: fear, covetousness plus wickedness which equals EVIL. They had what he envied. He refused to shake Owen hands in Olympic but he never killed, he killed his fellow whites. JEWS. You see, it’s psychological.

Yellow man landed in America on their own accord very poor but never was regarded as a slave, but black landed by force in chains against their will as slaves. Blacks came almost when whites came, yellow came when things started happening. They came to reap what blacks and white built together. They came working on rail tracks, blacks on cotton farms. Yellow got paid, blacks got kicked and wiped.

You noticed that all this landing and working was done under the white man not Indian. Them, that place must have belong to them if you want to realistic.

Even when whites landed in South Africa, they started killing the blacks. They must be reason for all those killings. Fear.

So, America belong to the whites and if you wanted logic, add blacks to the list not Asians. Even when you has papers, you must know your status for citizenship has many colours. Before you start eyeing your kitchen knives, this is reality. Swallow it no matter how bitter.
You even know where you came from, which means that you has another country outside America. blacks don’t have that privilege.

When Asian person is killed, people know immediately where they originate from, where did Floyd originate from in Africa?. So tell me, who is American between the two?.

Hooligans, urchins kill Asians,
Police kills Black.

Tell me how many Asians have been kill in the last 20 years over there and how many blacks in last 3 years?.

Do the statistics speaks for itself?. So be happy, you are more humans to the whites than the blacks. My advice is this: since America belongs to the whites, and we know that the birds of the same feathers flocks together, Asians should learn how to flock together in pure heart, work in peace and don’t dream a lot for there’s no fresh in certain fish heads. Face reality. No attachment, too much dreaming is sign of acute Malaria. It kills more than Aids and Corona.

For sure, it’s in human nature to claim equality, but, it has remained a claim to date. So, tell me who’s this claim being forwarded to?. Blacks or whites?.

I has a question; how many people of the other races has ever became anything in Asian nations?.

No one that’s someone is hunting Asians in America, when mentally drained idiots pick up gun and start shooting the Asians, as human, I understand your fear, I was subjected to that for ten years if you do the calculations well. So your fear and your raised voice I understand.

But like James Baldwin pointed out: “Not everything that’s faced can be changed but nothing can be changed till it is faced”

So, from what is happening and the call to be co-labouerers, and allyship sounds like a conspiracy theories against the whites to me. When viewed critically, sounds racial the same thing you’re complaining of. You should know that insurrection is not Noodle meal, it’s like planning a coup d' etat and suggest you bear in mind that Guantanamo prison is not only for physical terrorist but also for theoretical ones too. Above all, remember that it’s more dangerous to be hunted by the police than junkies. The blacks the officers were killing off has never betrayed that America like Asians that have been working for other countries against the same America that has this phobia of black race in their bone marrows.

You see, Asians has bad record in that America. It’s not anything to build hope on by individuals and cooperates and I am wondering where this allyship is going to come from. People should know that two timing and behavior of sitting on the fence is never an intelligent way to live life. Faith is missing in action there.

Needs to built faith over and over and over through words and actions and prove it over and over and over again before allyship can have primary roots. Totality don’t fall from heaven, it’s built on actions and nurtured and tested to see it genuineness.

I believed the saying that: if your hearts isn’t open, keep your mouth shut too.

Live and let live is always my stand in anything that concerns live, no one has right over another’s life. Human lives can’t be quantify in Monterey, noise, ranks, desires, wishes terms etc. It’s all evil and vanity.



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Philip Ebuluofor

Philip Ebuluofor

Philip, is a freelancer, blogger, and short story writer. His skills includes: writing, reading, listening, creative and administrative. get him philipainox2@