Yellow Snowflakes

It is winter, the election is over, so I guess we can still talk about snowflakes. Much like patriotism, the word snowflake has been coopted by the right. Seems that like, patriotism, we should help redefine it, and offer examples.

Progressives tend to focus on issues larger than themselves with little recompense — nonprofit work for affordable housing, teaching, nursing. Certainly conservatives can do that as well, and in different ways. Perhaps the same jobs noted above. Perhaps other jobs. So working people whatever the stripe, don’t readily melt. We cannot afford to be that sensitive as we have jobs to do, families to raise, bills and taxes to pay. We were not raised by a millionaire. I know I wasn’t.

But currently, we have an administration so sensitive, so defensive it makes you wonder if they are rushing through the motions because their will and their agenda is not ready to stand to the test of time. Perhaps they have been coddled and too insular. It is one thing to be an opposition party, it is another to govern.

If you can appreciate science facts, you can appreciate that things can change form, state. The light of day, sunlight, makes snowflakes melt.

Seems to me like we have a big yellow snowflake that with a little organizing heat, will melt to what we all know to avoid….a yellow watery substance creating a river of misery.