How you can help without protesting

In this moment you may be thinking to yourselves: “What’s happening is wrong, I want to support black people and help in their fight for justice and equal rights, but I don’t know how”. Here’s a quick list of things you can do to help:

Want to protest, but with a lower risk of being harmed?

You can provide first aid if you have a certified, medical background (e.g CPR certified, EMT, LPN, RN, etc.). If you do not have a medical background support those who do because they may need people on foot to get extra supplies. Also, you can bring a tear gas neutralizing solution (3 spoons of baking soda mixed with 1 cup/8 fl oz. of water. This helps the burning sensation from tear gas subside better than milk can.

You can also provide water & towels for tired protesters. People will be marching and shouting all day and will get tired.

Protesting isn’t for you at this moment?

Donate to the George Floyd Memorial Fund:

Help free protesters who were wrongfully arrested but can’t afford their bail. Donate to a bail fund:
















LGBT Freedom Fund:




Silicon Valley:


Small Business Repair

I know some of you reading this can’t help but think about rioting and looting during all of this. Regardless of whether you agree with it, in the end, small businesses far and wide will have to deal with the aftermath of these events, and the owners also need help to repair their stores and replace goods. Here’s a list of black-owned businesses that could use your help:

You can donate your time and voice.

Don’t have the capability to assist others financially? That’s fine. There are still ways for you to contribute.

In your city, you can call up the police department and request that protesters be freed and/or request to speak to a specific protester over the phone.

The conversation would go a little something like:

“Hi, my name is [insert name] & I’m from [insert city]. I’m calling to demand that [insert city] Police Department immediately release all protesters that were arrested during today’s events.”

or if you know someone specifically and need to check on their status:

“Hi, my name is [insert name] & I’m from [insert city]. I’m calling to speak to [insert protester name] immediately.”

Here is an example

This part is especially important. There have been cases in the past and even in these present where protesters will get taken away or arrested by police officers and won’t be heard from for days and the police will lose track of them after taking them into custody. If you know anyone that’s been arrested or have just randomly heard the name of someone who has been arrested, call and request their freedom or request to speak to them. Make sure that they’re okay in all aspects, let them know that someone is out there and cares and is thinking about them.

I hope that everyone who says they support the black community, regardless of your race, can put some action in front of the support in your hearts. Yes, I meant in front. Meaning take actions and show you support the community first before you say you support us and/or post another status about it. Being non-racist in this time is not enough, copy-pasting statuses and saying you support us is not enough, being passive is not enough. Times like this require unified action from all of us.

Didn’t see your local bail fund above? Check these sources:

Want to donate to more small black-owned businesses? Check out this thread:

Huge big up to my friends Dan and Kenny for pointing me to some of the links and inspiring me to write this article altogether. If there are any other resources that I’ve missed add them in the comments and I’ll update the article. Please double-check that all funds are valid before donating and double-check links before adding them in the comments. Stay safe and stay blessed.

If you found this article or any of the resources in here helpful, please give it a clap and share.



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