Day 182: Trump Blasts Sessions in Only Moment of Coherence During Interview

Trump is an idiot; his only constant is his incoherent and mendacious blathering …

George F. Will accurately described Trump in 2012 — “bloviating ignoramus.”

Trump’s a charlatan — an arrogant, ignorant, autocratic, mendacious, malevolent, incompetent, inarticulate, uncouth, unprincipled, nepotistic, thin-skinned, grossly narcissistic sociopath; a draft dodging, much sued, numerously bankrupted, pathological liar, and political neophyte, with an adolescent brain displaying chronic “status twitterus” — a debilitating condition in which twittering fits follow one another without recovery of consciousness between them; a classic, “Dunning-Kruger” / “Peter Principle” affectee — utterly unfit to be POTUS.

Trump’s a man of principles few and flexible — offering only incoherent bluster and delusionary or naively simple answers to complex problems — we can only hope that he causes no major tragedy to befall us.

Trump’s sole reason for being is to feed his insatiable narcissism. Anyone that thinks that he has ever had any sense of service other than self-service, or that a man who has spent his entire adult life promoting his vulgar brand and the many scams to which he has licensed his name — to the cost of, usually, the “poorly educated” — now cares one iota about anyone else, or that he or his familial/crony parasites will pass up any opportunity to monetise his presidency, is naïve — in the extreme.

Had Trump not been born into great wealth it’s likely he would now be living under a bridge somewhere — yet the “poorly educated” have elected this “bouffanted buffoon” POTUS, making themselves and the U.S. the laughingstock of the world.

The only thing scarier than Trump is the ~63 million fools that voted for this vacuous con man — and about whom he cares not one iota.

“The mystery is how anyone finds him acceptable.” — Kathleen Parker (2016).

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