Where TF is Merrick Garland?

Philip Collier
2 min readMar 16


Merrick Garland and Donald Trump over a background of hundreds of human skulls.
We the People must administer one tier of justice or We the People are finished.

Georgia and New York are about to indict Donald Trump, and others, for crimes committed against the people in furtherance of his intention to remain president for a second term. There are federal crimes associated with those offenses in those states.

Why is Merrick Garland dragging his feet and letting the states do his dirty work? Is it a new way to “lead from behind?” Sorry, bruh, leading from behind is not leading. Nor is Jack Smith a substitute for your leadership.

We all know about the phone calls pressuring state officers to unlawfully declare Trump the winner of the 2020 vote. We all know about unlawful acts carried out to manipulate public opinion and conceal awareness of Trump’s fun with with Stormy Daniels. We all know about the fake elector scheme in multiple states.

Mike Pence recently said, “History will hold Trump accountable” for the January 6th insurrection. What does that mean? Is that a new form of passive voice, similar to, “mistakes were made?” No, bruh, hear this:

We the People must hold Trump accountable, not some nebulous and anonymous “history.” We the People must administer rule of law, one tier of justice for all. Failing that, and being unworthy of democracy, the consequence is no justice, no peace, and no country. It is a mathematical certainty.

It is time for Garland to either lead from the front or go home. Fani Willis and Letitia James are leaders. Out front, evaluating the field, taking action, and taking fire. They get their hands dirty. They don’t stand back and let their team take backlash. They do the math.

We the People must hold Trump accountable or We the People are finished.



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