The E-Myth book is mediocre at best. Read it a long time ago and was not impressed.

why do I need a service or paid software for that matter to document company processes?

Great question. For documenting company processes, you don’t really need a service. However, if you have a team of people who are working on these processes collaboratively, you might eventually discover that a solution like google docs is limiting for your team. Some features that are available in Manifestly and other workflow services:

  • Auto create and assign of checklists based on events in other systems (usually via a tool like Zapier)
  • Assignment of individual steps within workflows
  • Setting due dates for both workflows and individual steps
  • Receiving notifications of late checklists and steps
  • Having a view of process status across workflows
  • Updating other systems based on step or workflow completion. (Again via Zapier)

Most of these tools, including Manifestly are quite low priced so justifying ~$20/month to have improved visibility, repeatability, and accountability in recurring processes is a easy choice for many organizations.

I think the use of SOPs are great for small businesses b/c it helps teams/entrepreneurs really think about their processes. Using google docs is definitely a good first step.