ICYMI: Things to read this week 17/04/16

GCHQ intervenes to stop insecure tech rollout of smart-meters: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2451793/gchq-intervenes-to-prevent-catastrophically-insecure-uk-smart-meter-plan
Apparently you shouldn’t use a single decryption key for a device being installed in every home in the country.

Why do people work so hard: https://www.1843magazine.com/features/why-do-we-work-so-hard
The problem is not that overworked professionals are all miserable. The problem is that they are not.”

Context is king: 
All good advice tips people toward action, not options. You may think all you need is advice. Practice is what you need”

Hiring for cultural fit can crowd out new idea:
I think we are leaving the age of experience and moving into the age of evidence”

Long read on online content moderation:
Today, YouTube’s billion-plus users upload 400 hours of video every minute. Every hour, Instagram users generate 146 million “likes” and Twitter users send 21 million tweets … The moderators of these platforms — perched uneasily at the intersection of corporate profits, social responsibility, and human rights — have a powerful impact on free speech, government dissent, the shaping of social norms, user safety, and the meaning of privacy. What flagged content should be removed? Who decides what stays and why? What constitutes newsworthiness? Threat? Harm? When should law enforcement be involved?”