Mountain Biking and Startups

I took my first mountain biking trip last week to Mulberry Gap in Ellijay, Georgia and tackled 10 miles of the 90 mile Pinhoti Trail. The first ride included some awesome downhill runs with jumps and switchbacks and

Pinhoti Trail

manageable uphill climbs. I’m not one to get excited, but that was really fun. Scary at times but fun. After making it through half the trail on the first day, I realized something. This experience was just like running a startup. First, you either take it upon yourself or get talked into something that seems near impossible. I’m really going to start this? You are a little apprehensive and would rather be in the air conditioning of your Toyota. You begin what seems like an impossible climb up a very rough hill. Once you come to the first pinnacle of, what feels like, the top, you take a second to enjoy the view. Man, what an accomplishment. You start down the other side, experience the adrenaline, the jumps, the awesome turns. Then all of a sudden, holy crap another hill! Where did that come from! I thought I was already at the top. I thought the climbing was over. You climb more, fight the urge to quit, and take one-to-the-hand by an angry investor, I mean yellow jacket. You keep going. Again, everything is great. You are dodging trees, jumping roots, fishtailing switchbacks like a pro. Then, again, another freaking hill! When does it end? You contemplate going down the side of the mountain because it seems quicker, but it would ultimately be your demise. You conquer the hill and are off again. This time, it is much steeper, more roots, and smaller runway, I mean path. You are going so fast that you don’t realize you are at the bottom. A minute is taken to catch a breather and to regroup. You now have the wide path of the main road. Although not paved, it is more manageable than the mountain but just as hard. This path, though, never ends.