How are you?

Hola amigos!

Today I have one very simple question for you: how are you?

Such a simple question, but such a rewarding one for both the inquisitor and the recipient. Let me share an experience with you…

Yesterday I was grafting away on a project for a client. The client in question runs an agency and we probably ping an average of 10 emails back and forth each day, always work related. We look out for each other; he gives me work, and I take care of his technical shit. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

Sure, there are times when the process gets a bit stale. In fact; on Tuesday I really had to battle to bring myself to work (thank god for yoga and meditation), and at times you really have to prevent yourself from cutting corners — but that’s what happens after a while, you stop trying to impress.

You might not be dropping your standards, but you’re not raising them either, you’re effectively treading water. Going through the motions. Just gettin paid, dawg!

But yesterday I was taken aback by that something my client did. I’d been working hard on a project of his; now this isn't just any old work, it’s a project that he is personally invested in. And he sent me an email which really brightened up my day. Can you guess what it said? Nope — it wasn't him saying ‘good job’ or ‘thanks’, it was that magical question… he asked about me; “btw, how are you settling in out there?”. Totally against the grain of how we usually communicate! But man I’ll tell you what, that really cheered me up!

It was so nice, so out of the blue, that I actually had a bit of a ‘moment’. I looked up from my iPad, soaked in the Tenerife sunset, and felt this wave of contentment wash over me. “Yeah, I'm good. I'm very good my friend” (picture me with shades on and a cigar in my mouth). What a great feeling!

Here’s the thing though…

It’s not about how it made me feel, it’s about how it’s going to affect him.

Through his small demonstration of interest I felt reinvigorated to work for him, to try and impress him, and to show him that I am worth caring about.

He’s got an almost immediate payback…

He emailed this morning to let me know that we’re going to have to re-upload all of the images across the project, because they have the wrong logo on them. That is a pain. In. The. Ass! If that email came through yesterday I would be spitting venom, I mean we are literally at the finish line! But today… Today I see it as an opportunity to get the images back at a higher res, so we can optimise them for retina devices — thus raising the quality of the site, and by extension, the perceived quality of the brand and the product. Further still; the quality of my own work, and my own sense of value.

Next week we’re starting another new project together, can you imagine how I feel about that? Damn right, excited and ready to go! All because of one simple question.

You should really think about that, it’s a powerful thing!

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And remember — if you want to introduce a little bit of sunshine into somebodies life; ask them how they are.

Until next time folks; peace & love x

Oh and one more thing. I recently discovered one of THE BEST Spotify play lists for those of you who like to get in the zone, check it out — its a beautiful thing and totally un-disruptive to your thought pattern:

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