The Sexual Psychology of Winning
Robert Stacy McCain

Very good analysis. One thing about the PUA community though, is that they tend to understand and be successful with one particular group of women, those with significant self-esteem issues. This doesn’t mean ugly women, some very attractive women are rather insecure. My wife, for example, would never put up with negs or men who didn’t call for three days so as not to seem desperate. She would classify it as rudeness and politely end the contact.

Her confidence and complete lack of artifice is her most endearing quality. She is unacquainted with passive-aggression, she just says what she means. If she says “no I don’t want to see that movie, but you go” or “I’m just going to have a salad at home, but go through the drive-thru if you want” that’s *exactly* what she means. You don’t get punished for not reading between the lines later.

I’ve met a number of women like that. Confident, self-assured, and very feminine. They like men. They enjoy the difference and appreciate directness. They might well go for Roosh V because he is masculine and interesting, but the dominance games would turn them off like a switch. Confident people have no tolerance for manipulation. I suspect that such women don’t stay on the market long, so the PUA community is using tools that work well for those still available, but it would be unwise to assume all women are like those their techniques are successful with.

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