Infographic: Musicians Killed by Guns
Mike “DJ” Pizzo

We should ban all those sentient guns that jumped off the table and blew away these innocent musicians. The blaming of inanimate objects has typically been ridiculed by civil libertarians as stupid, and it is, but it is also evil. This attitude not only misplaces blame, it removes responsibility and agency from murderers. It removes the focus from depression (in the cases of suicide). It is a gross oversimplification by virtue signaling exhibitionists who want us to laud their goodness as they trivialize loss and proclaim a “solution” that is absurd on its face. There are 300,000,000 guns in the US. Compliance with even the pitiful “assault weapons ban” in Leftist Paradise of California is less than 16%. How exactly are you intending to confiscate firearms in Texas? Not only is the idea laughable, it is unconstitutional.

Grow up. Guns killed no one on this list. Humans with either hatred in their hearts or pain too great to bear did. While one might argue that if all guns were magically made to disappear, leaving the weak perpetually at the mercy of the strong, that perhaps some crimes would be less deadly, it would not matter here. People that murder famous people will find a way. They are obsessed. A can of gasoline and a match will do. Suicides in gun free Japan are epidemic. People who want to die find a way.

The death of any person is not a trivial thing, and saying that the weapon choice is of any consequence morally is offensive to the memory of the dead. There has been far too much self-righteous virtue signaling on this and many issues, and it’s far past time to call out the self aggrandizing fools that engage in it.