THE CREATIVE DRIVE If we’re at peace, do we stop making things?
Raman Frey

Good question… Have in the past described art as a two-fold transformational process: first, the artist experiences some sort of i-other awareness, some sort of dialectic experience that yearns for resolve, this could be any sort of negative experience as much as falling in love — but I guess there is friction as you called it. In order to resolve it, the artist must become a higher version of self. Transmute the prima materia into a philosopher’s stone. As a result the artist is transformed, is now a new self. The b(u)y-product of that can be an artifact: a poem, a song, a painting, … the process finds an expression in something that can be shared. Depending on the depth of transformation that was encapsuled in the artifact, it can trigger a second transformation in the beholder, as the beholder now becomes a new version of self.
So… I guess, I would venture to say that creatity requires some sort of conflict. That said, it doesn’t mean it can’t be on sublime levels, leaving room for happiness and content in all the others.
Conflict will always be part of the experience of i-other, but we can find ever more artful ways of resolving it…

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