Trump Trashes Sylvia Plath

Philip Huang
Apr 13 · 1 min read

The president took time during a briefing yesterday to slam one of the most beloved female poets of the 20th Century.

“Sylvia Plath, great girl,” said Trump. “Beautiful girl, blonde, nice figure. But her imagery, well, it’s not too coherent, is it?”

The comment drew audible gasps from the White House Press Corp. When asked by CNN’s Abby Philip, Trump explained, “I’ll just put it this way. The relationship between Plath’s themes and imagery is, well, it’s tenuous at best.”

Trump then added, “Now Mexicans, they love Sylvia Plath. They say she was the heir to Virginia Woolf. It’s not true. Woolf’s heir was, actually, believe it or not, Christopher Isherwood. But that’s what they say in Mexico.”

Feminists took to social media to condemn the president’s comments. Trump responded by tweeting, “Plath confuses density of imagery with imagination. The girl’s got nothing to say. #dopeyplath”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on Fox to explain that Trump was, in fact, a lover of poetry.

“Like any sane person, the president just prefers Sexton.”

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