The Case For Bill Kintner’s Expulsion From The Nebraska Legislature

Senator Bill Kintner with Governor Pete Ricketts. Ricketts has called for his resignation.

Never before in the 150 year history of the Nebraska legislature has anyone disgraced and degraded the office of Senator as much as Bill Kintner, in fact nobody has ever come close. He’s turned his entire service in the legislature into a never ending culture war, and his social media presence has been one long, bizarre conscious stream of racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic, and inflammatory diatribes interlaced with crude jokes and sanctimonious religious rhetoric.

Things finally came to a head this summer after it was revealed he engaged in cybersex with a foreign sex worker using a State of Nebraska issued laptop. After he was extorted with a sexually explicit clip of himself masturbating, Kintner contacted the State Patrol’s office and upon it’s public release the following the year it became a national story.

Senator Kintner’s horrible joke on his Twitter account, which has been since taken down.

Facing expulsion, and having been called on to resign by the Executive Board of the Legislature, most major newspapers in the state, as well as countless others, Kintner has behaved himself and kept a mostly low profile. Gov. Ricketts apparently has no power, despite paying millions this last election cycle for hand-picked Senators, because he says it is not his job to stop Kintner from embarrassing to our state. The day after the Women’s March on Washington, the Kintner we all knew too well returned. Kintner retweeted a joke from controversial talk radio host Larry Elder about 3 women protesting Trump’s crude language. The joke was that the three women were too old, fat, or ugly to be victims of sexual assault. The internet erupted, and renewed calls for his resignation from Governor Ricketts have come.

Statement given to WOWT News 6 from Kintner…gaslighting all of us who know exactly what me meant.

While the cybersex scandal and the latest rape joke gaffe have gotten the attention they deserve, these are not unusual, isolated instances of an otherwise decent and respectable legislator. These are part of a very large pattern that has been going on since he was sworn into the legislature in 2013. The Nebraska legislature has a decision to make on how to punish Senator Kintner. I’d like to take a long walk through his “Greatest Hits” of deplorable statements and actions over the course of his 4 years and present to everyone the full context of exactly what he is. I think any thinking Senator would agree that there isn’t any other option other than expulsion.

  1. Biggest Mystery. Kintner first caught national attention in his first interview with the Lincoln Journal-Star he said…
“Biggest mystery? Women. No one understands them. They don’t even understand themselves. Books and books and books have been written about it, and no one understands it.”

2. Bacon. In November 2015 he posted on Twitter a joke about forcing refugees to eat bacon to enter the country, thus stopping Muslims from immigrating here.

Facebook post attacking his hometown Cincinnati

3. Queen City In May 2016 he referred to his hometown of Cincinnati with the homophobic slur “Queen City” because they, like most every other American city, took part in a Pride celebration and promoted tolerance and inclusiveness.

4. Suggesting LGBT citizens should leave the state. He made national news for suggesting that LGBT citizens move to a different state. (see video here)

“When I go to San Francisco, sometimes I’ve seen some pretty weird things there, and I’m not that comfortable in San Francisco. But you know the difference between conservatives and my friends on the left? When I’m not comfortable someplace I leave. I go somewhere I am comfortable, I move to the state I am comfortable, I like it.”

5. Comparing his colleagues to monkeys. In an op-ed Kintner compared his colleagues in the legislature to monkeys, just mindlessly doing what’s always been done. In a thinly veiled message to Kintner, the Speaker of the Legislature Galen Hadley told Senators “ “If you don’t like being in the body, leave. Get out.”

6. Referred to his colleagues as “prostitutes.” Another failed attempt at humor on the part of Senator Kintner, despite his own reputation for getting free food from lobbyists. Senator Ernie Chambers lambasted Kintner for this once after he said there was no real hunger in Nebraska.

Krist threatens Kintner with removal.

7. Pen Throwing. In March 2016, after a vote didn’t go the way he wanted, Kintner threw a pen at another Senator. He was threated by Senator Bob Krist (serving as Speaker that day) that if he saw another “flying projectile” he’d ask the red-coats (capitol security) to remove the person throwing it. He later got in a Twitter argument over it with a Journal-Star reporter.

8. Compares Refugees To Insect Pests. In an October 2015 tweet Kintner compares immigrant refugees to an infestation of emerald ash borers.

9.) Beheaded Woman. Kintner posted real-life graphic and morbid picture of a decapitated woman on Facebook in a plea in favor of the death penalty. This once again put Nebraska on in the national news.

10. Sexist Retweet. In February 2016 Kintner retweeted an image calling 4 women “guys”, including Ruth Bader-Ginsburg and Nancy Pelosi, with the morbid hashtag #RestoreTheGuillotine, seemingly calling for their deaths. This attack mocks these women’s looks, gender, age, and politics.

11. Malcontents. Instead of encouraging political participation, Kintner describes Black Lives Matter protesters as “Malcontents”, “irrelevant”, “silly” and said there isn’t a race problem at UNL.

12. Islamonazis. Kintner never lets up on his Islamophobic tweets and messaging, including the slur “islamonazis” from November 2015. Also, claimed Obama is “actively importing Muslims.”

13. Attacking Women Athletes. After the USA Women’s Soccer team won the 2015 World Cup and one female player kissed her wife in the stands, Kintner attacks female athletes everywhere with a joke about them being stereotypically lesbians.

14. Attacking the Homeless. In a Facebook thread discussing Hal Daub’s proposals of light-rail public transportation (above), Kintner argues we shouldn’t build it and callously attacks homeless people.

15. Executions. During the spring 2015 death penalty repeal debate, Kintner makes the bizarre claim that Jesus was ok with capital punishment because he didn’t stop his own execution.

16. Turd. Kintner once tweeted that a bill was “a 100 page turd.”

17. “Economic Terrorism.” Kinter described the NCAA as carrying on “economic terrorism” for guidelines dealing with transgender restroom issues. He also called the NCAA “a bunch of left wing loonies.”

18. Mocking The Transgender. After the Democratic National Convention last summer, Kintner posted this picture on the left to Twitter, mocking the Democratic party and transgender people.

19. Seniors Beware. During the appropriations committee hearing on 3/25/13, Kintner argued…

“…Let’s say, a senior doesn’t take care of themselves, what business is it of the state? Well, shouldn’t the state just say, okay, fine; if you don’t want to take care of yourself, you’re going to die.”

20. Attacking Charities. In one of the most mean-spirited bills you could possibly imagine, Kintner attempted to make it much more difficult for local charities to provide charitable services to refugees. It later died in committee.

21. Attacking Preschools. In another bizarre interview, Kintner describes opposition to “homosexual bills” and talks about pre-school education as a dream by “social engineers to get their hands on our kids.”

22. Whack-A-Mole. In the 3/26/13 appropriations hearing, Kintner said helping the developmentally disabled is “like whack-a-mole. You whack one here, it pops up over here. You whack it there, it pops up over here.”

23. Impersonation Incident. During last summer’s fallout with his cyber sex scandal, it was also reported by the Omaha World-Herald that Kintner was under investigation for impersonating a police officer to get discounted car washes.

24. Attacking Latinos. Kintner made national news again by referring to immigrants as “wetbacks” on the floor of the legislature. He was been called out publicly by the Latino American Commission for his history of disparaging immigrants.

25. Spineless Wimps. During the 2015 death penalty repeal debate, Kintner referred to his colleagues in the legislature as “spineless wimps.”

I have no doubt that this is not a comprehensive list of everything that Kintner has done and said over the years, I’m sure there’s plenty of other incidents that I haven’t documented here, and I’m not even mentioning several items of unsubstantiated gossip that I cannot explicitly reference.

Please contact your State Senator and ask them specifically to support Kintner’s expulsion from the legislature.

If you want to ensure the candidate who runs against Kintner has the grassroots support to win, you can donate to the Nebraska Democratic Party here: