nice… I like the three principles…
Nick Foster

I like these. I would love to see a sci-fi flick that shows accretion like you describe. While we’re riffing on the topic, here’s some other bits from my notes:

We take for granted how acclimated we are to quirks in user-interfaces, that we end up excluding quirks from science-fiction. For example, when Minority Report was released, we didn’t imagine that Tom Cruise’s character would be making multiple flicks of the wrist because of mistaken gesture recognition. We didn’t imagine that when the interstellar rescue video beams through space in Planet of the Apes it would have a buffering icon or that it would require a team of video anthropologists applying codec after codec. We didn’t imagine that any time Captain Kirk fired a nuclear weapon, he would have to pull out a credit card-sized electronic book of numbers that would have to be confirmed by his Secretary of Defense. Or that to input the location of where to send the Starship Enterprise, you would have to type .com or .net at the end of every address. The future will be as awkward as the future we live in today.

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