Grasse River Waterfalls (GPS Included)

The Grasse River runs through my community and my heart. But, my understanding of its beautiful was fairly limited until quite recently.

Thanks to the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce “Waterfall Guide” I was inspired to explore the headwaters of the Grasse.

Many of these falls are located on the Tooley Pond Road — all are on NYS land (public), but few are well marked. For that reason, I’m including Google Maps links to improve your chances of finding them.

Twin Falls

This one is my favorite! Amazing history, beautiful falls, best swimming hole in the county — what’s not to love?

You’ll find remnants of pig iron on the beach from the old Myer’s Iron Furnace and an old sluiceway, iron molds (made from sand — now glass) and God knows what else.

You can even find a nice seat on the first waterfall — perfect for a natural massage.

Use the following link to find Twin Falls — you won’t regret it!

Rainbow Falls

I wouldn’t swim here, but it may be my new favorite reading spot. As if I needed any more incentive to buy a hammock!

The trail isn’t well marked, but it’s easy to follow once you find the trailhead. I met a group of graduate students from Rochester on my hike in — it’s nice to see people from out of town enjoying our region.

Use the following link to find Rainbow Falls — and yes, there really is a rainbow in the mist at the base of the falls.

The Eddy

I’ve known about this spot for years, but it never gets old. Enjoy a cool swim at the base of a gentle waterfall and explore the cliff/cave. Kudos to Canton for marking the trail and providing ever increasing amenities.

Use the following to find the Eddy:

Hart Falls

Owned by a local land trust, this waterfall has the most interesting geological feature of any I’ve seen so far. I’m also told you can swim right under the waterfall, but I haven’t tried that yet, and I wouldn’t do so alone.

The walk to the falls follows an old farm road through a rolling meadow. Can’t beat that!

Use the following to find Harts Falls: