Eating like a local…with my hands

I had the lovely experience today of watching my host family make fufu – a tradition Ghanaian dish. The main ingredient is mashed plantain and cassava, which takes about an hour of vigorous mashing with a bamboo stick and wooden bowl. I even tried (and failed) to have a go myself. I love how the whole family get involved and the meal preparation is almost ritualistic. It was quite hypnotising to watch. Here’s the process:

There’s also a technique to eating it:

Use your hands and don’t chew it, just swallow!

You’d think using your hands would be difficult since the fufu is covered in sauce but the technique is to mold bits of the dough into a scoop form so that you get plenty of sauce on it. I must say that I really enjoy eating with my hands. I’m not sure if that’s my inner child or because it feels kinda natural to eat with your hands. Either way it was messy. And it was fun.

The food in general is in Ghana is really tasty. It’s very different to my usual diet, but the simple meals with vegatables, spicy sauces and fish or eggs have so much flavour. I feel very greatful to be eating traditional African food on a daily basis — many of the ingredients I’ve never even heard of. I think I’ll be blogging a lot about food!

Want to know more about the charity I’m working with? Check out the amazing work that TANF Ghana are doing for children in Ghana.

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