Gateway Campaign

By partnering with Freeset your donation will fund the acquisition and renovation of a 2,000sq. m building as well as provide community social services at the gateway to Sonagacchi, the largest red-light district in Kolkata, India. This building will bring hundreds of women to sustainable freedom by providing:

  • Much needed space for many more freedom businesses to take root and grow
  • Dignified and sustainable employment that generates income for women and their families
  • Holistic social services including health-care, childcare, education and counselling
  • For more details about the Gateway Campaign, download the brochure

You can make a financial contribution to the Gateway Campaign via Freeset’s donation page:

Thanks for your generosity!

August 10, 2015
 Exciting news! After weeks of delays, today we purchased the Gateway building. Click here for more info.

The total cost of the Freeset Gateway Campaign is US$3 million.

  • US$2.3 million — building purchase & associated costs
  • US$200 thousand — necessary renovations
  • US$500 thousand — fund social services to help the women and families we serve more fully achieve freedom.

We have now purchased the building. A massive thank you to all those who have contributed in big ways or small to the campaign so far. We have come a long way, but we still have a way to go!

We still require more funds to cover a shortfall in the purchase price as well as money to complete the needed renovations. Please keep supporting us!

Freeset does not require assistance from donors for business operating costs — we pride ourselves on running a sustainable business. But to capitalize on this unique opportunity we are asking donors to invest their gifts in a building to enable ongoing freedom for more women.

You can make a financial contribution to the Gateway Campaign in the New Zealand via Freeset’s donation page:

Thanks for your generosity!

For 14 years, Freeset has provided a vocational alternative to the sex trade for at-risk and trafficked women in Kolkata, India. Freeset trains and employs women who produce fair-trade bags and apparel, which are sold on-line around the world. These women gain financial independence, access to health-care, literacy education and other social services — transforming their lives, their families and their communities.

You can learn more about the work of Freeset here.

We want to see Sonagacchi transformed. Today Freeset provides employment for 205 women and many hundreds more can be brought to freedom through this Gateway Campaign — that’s potentially 5% of the trafficked women in Sonagacchi. When you take into account the benefits of Freeset’s businesses and social services on the women’s extended communities, the true impact will number in the thousands.

Standing in line: these women’s eyes have been hidden to protect their identity and their dignity

Contributions raised for the Gateway Campaign through the Give A Little page are directly invested in the building of freedom businesses and social services for women at risk and survivors of trafficking in West Bengal, India. There are no administrative deductions so 100% of the money gets to India.

For more information or to make a financial contribution to the Gateway Campaign, contact and let us know which country you live in. We’ll get back to you with more information on how to make a donation in your area.

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