Today I’m speaking with Vanessa Barboni Hallik, founder and CEO of Another Tomorrow, a woman’s sustainable fashion startup and what New York Times described as a ‘Brand as Ethically Minded as It Is Refined’.

When Vanessa suddenly became aware of the reality on the ground in the clothing industry, there was no turning back. She needed to challenge the system.

So, she created a clothing brand committed from the outset to sourcing responsibly grown, ethically manufactured materials, blending classic design with technology-enabled transparency, while building a platform for education, and advocacy and contributing to the circular economy.

I think many people are feeling this. Around the world.

We have all seen the news.

We have either read the climate change report, or aware of what it covers off.

We are seeing the changing weather patterns: Forest fires, floods, non-stop rain, droughts. We are now all being affected in some way.

And as a result, we wonder — what can we do? How can we be a part of making change? How can we do something, anything, to help? What innovative solutions need to be found to make things better?

I know that many of you reading this…

Being one of the poorest countries in the world, Malawi presents so many challenges to the people from there.

Challenges that those of us who have grown up in the Global North probably couldn’t even fathom.

And to add to the challenges that the country faces because of the poverty, the pandemic has pushed the children’s rights movement back by at least 30 years. If not more.

Life is not easy.

But there is hope. And that hope comes in the form of Chance4Change. Who we have worked with a few times over the years.

Chance4Change was established in 2011…

The main goal of business is to MAKE money.

I remember chanting that at business school. And it just didn’t feel right.

I then went to work in advertising, and there was still a disconnect. I loved the industry. Loved what I did. But there was something missing.

You see, my family is in the ‘helping people industry’.

Doctors, social workers, environmental engineers, public health professionals. My uncle was even Nelson Mandela’s personal doctor when he came out of prison and started negotiations with the apartheid government.

Growing up I was surrounded by conversations rooted in humanity and making the…

If you get hot sweats just thinking about having to ask people for yet more money, then this is also for you.

Or, if you are a corporate, and wondering how your relationships with your NGO partners could improve, then I’d also love for you to have a listen.

Today I speak with Mallory Erickson.

She is THE non-profit coach, teaching fundraisers how to bring in more donations without chasing them.

Through her signature framework, the Power Partners Formula™️, Mallory provides unique tools to help raise more from foundations, corporate partners, and individuals. …

Last week I was interviewed by a class of children in Canada ranging from 6–11. It was probably one of my trickiest but also most inspiring interviews I’ve had to date.

I had to find a way to talk about what TIE does in really simple terms.

And why I started it.

That didn’t make them bored. Make them fidget. Or simply just have them wanting to go home.

So I started with why we do what we do.

I talked about the power of doing new things. That when you do that, you grow.

I also talked about the…

Ah, it was so lovely.

As we sipped on coffee she told me how she has decided to do a master’s degree in Political Science in her spare time (she’s a mum of three and works full time. Super Woman?!)

She said that this year has been so full on. She felt as though she was getting into a bit of a lull. Needed to shake things up a bit and needed inspiration to think differently.

As I was listening, a whole load of stories started to flood into my head.

Stories of when I remembered feeling like that —…

What makes you tick?

What motivates you?

What really matters to you?

These are some big questions. But when you really stop and think about the answers, it truly gets you approaching life in a different way.

Right before Emily Murren even knew about the TIE Accelerator programme, or applied for it, she had just done an exercise that had her reflecting on her values.

And this then set her on a transformative journey.

Today Emily Murren, a Marketing Director based in Sydney, talks about what she did to get more clarity on her life and career. Where that took…

It’s a fair question to ask.

What is the outcome after a TIE experience?

Of course the specific learnings, impacts and benefits are different for everyone each time. But they do tend to follow similar trends.

And we were so pleased when we received this beautiful account of Emily Murren’s 5 unexpected lessons from TIE a couple of weeks ago.

And I just had to share them with all of you.

Enjoy the read!

— — — — — -
Over the past year, I’ve been reflecting a lot on my values and purpose, having had an amazing opportunity to…

Today I speak with Alex Garden. Alex is a dear friend of mine, an extremely successful entrepreneur, executive, inventor and scientist.

In this episode, Alex talks about the simple exercise that his friend David Krane of Google Ventures asked him to do. This exercise, as Alex says, was by far the most powerful thing he’s ever done.

And was the catalyst to this next chapter.

At what point in your career do the skills you’ve accumulated need to be leveraged for the well-being of the people around you?

What does it mean to make a contribution as an executive and…

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