When You Legit Don’t Feel Like An Artist
Ivor Swartz

Thank you for writing this Ivor. I am a 4th year art student who struggles with this also. I feel I am creating art for marks sake rather than arts sake. and I too, prefer to write about my ideas develop them in my head. Unfortunately my tutors cant mark those and so I resort to creating art that I am not fully connected to. Underlying this is the sense that I shouldnt even be creating art. The part of your writing that resounded with me most is (Even as I type this, I’m thinking, “you have no write to speak into this”, regardless of the fact that I have the right to write into what I feel). because I too go round in circles debasing every argument or idea I think of before anyone else has had a chance to hear it.

There is comfort in the knowledge that someone has felt what I feel to such an extent that they made a name for it. Imposter Syndrome.

Im going to go ahead an wikihow how to get past this ..

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