Are Thai Girls Really That Bad? Here’s How to Meet Your Thai Soulmate

Have you ever stumbled across a stereotype about money-orientated Thai females, and wondered how true it was?

You’re not the only one.

Thai girls are said to be mendacious, mercenary and menacing. But there is hope!

Well, if you are straight and on the prowl for a genuine Thai lady, a tall girl with big feet, large melons set high on her chest and broad shoulders might indeed be a menacing sight.

‘Where do you meet those honest girls time and again?’, a friend of mine asked after I’d told him about my new Thai girlfriend.
Knowing his favourite place in Thailand, I wasn’t surprised he hadn’t found any of the decent sort yet. His loss.

It’s not overwhelmingly difficult to find trustworthy Thai females. Like everywhere else in the world, the kind of girls you meet in the Land of Smiles depends on where you hang out.

Read on to find out where and how you can strike up conversations with sincere Thais, and where and how not.

Trolley dollies, and what you could say to get their attention

‘Excuse me, can I take a groupie with you, please?’

It goes without saying that you can only ask this when the hosties aren’t busy.
And ideally, you’ve talked to them previously.
Perhaps, they’ve let you prepare a drink in the onboard lounge, or maybe you’ve buttered them up extolling their outstanding service.

On long-haul flights, preferably in business class where everything is more personal, it’s much easier to get the chance to talk to flight attendants than on short-hauls. And knowing a couple of words in Thai that the average traveller doesn’t know - aroi maak for instance (very scrumptious / yummy) - does no harm as long as you mean the food and not the stunning waitresses in the sky.
Randy old devils looking for hostitutes are better off in go-go bars.

Just be polite and treat them as stewardesses, not air mattresses. Who knows? You might land yourself a nice girlfriend and end up on cloud nine.

Funny business bars, and what you can find there

In short, babbling, rat-arsed, beer-bellied men in their 50s and 60s, arms slung around gorgeous young Thai girls’ waists.

Needless to say, it’s very easy to meet totties and hotties in such a setting. Just order a beer and things will fall into place.

The first time I was in Thailand, still wet behind the ears, I took a ladyboy for a girl and started filming her semi-private strip show in a boom-boom bar in Phuket. Realising my slip-up, my friend wised me up that this was no girl with a fountain of love.

The katoey (tranny) wasn’t amused to find I didn’t want to tip ‘her’, and if it hadn’t been for my more experienced mate who persuaded me to stump up a few dozen baht, my eyes would’ve been scratched out.

Bar girls are money-grabbing, and some of them are chicks with dicks. One thing is certain: both sexes will love you only as long as the cash flows.

Yes, I’m generalising. But do you really want to look for a needle in a haystack? Who wants to pay a bar fine anyway?

Go-go bars, and clubs for that matter, are not the best places to look for non-materialistic partners.

Nail salons, and what you can expect from a manicure

Admittedly, it’s not every man’s cup of tea to go to a nail salon.

The moment you walk in, they size you up, trying to suss out if you’re a bum bandit.

Even so! There is a damn good reason to get a manicure.

‘Nail it!’ is the apt name of one of Bangkok’s nail spas. Getting a manicure there, you can bank on having the attention of both the staff and the hottest babes in town having their nails coloured, polished and whatnot. More so if you’re able to compliment them in Thai. Saying leb suai (beautiful nails) to the woman sitting next to you does wonders.

Looking for a respectable Thai lady in a nail salon is a brilliant idea. Chances are you’re the only guy around, and the personalities found there tend to be those who can pay for themselves. Know what I mean?

Yep, nail it (and maybe her in a few weeks)! Have your nails done and master the art of speaking casually to amazing Thai women.

Dating sites, and what you should brace yourself for

‘Find Your Thai Beauty’, it reads on a Thai dating site.

Finding a Thai beauty online isn’t very difficult to achieve, but one that doesn’t scrounge is.

Besides, as with dating sites in Europe and possibly other continents, brazen cyber criminals are ubiquitous, waiting for you with fake profiles and stories that will rightly make you suspicious.
Even though you can notice the scam sooner or later, it’s such a pain, a complete waste of time to chat with men from Nigeria, Russia and fuck knows where those buggers are based.

When you get to meet a ‘holiday-girlfriend’, more often than not, you wind up paying for everything. And after two weeks on an island in the south of Thailand, you’ve had your fill of arguments. Your holiday is over, and what remains is frustration and a hole in your pocket.

No kidding! Only once did it happen that I met an upper-class Thai lady online. But the woman in question had also played a trick on me, an exceptionally mean one at that.
On our first date, after chatting with her for months, I was giddy with excitement, waiting for my princess in the lobby of a luxury hotel. But seeing her trying to swagger down the entrance hall, I thought to myself, Holy loose bowels! I’ve been talking to a beached whale.

All of her admittedly attractive photos on her profile must’ve been taken a long time ago. Affluent she clearly was, and an otherwise good character she had as well, it seemed. All the same, she failed to atone for her deception. At least she was not a trans girl.

Joking aside! I don’t reckon you’re up for a similar surprise. Give dating sites a miss, or learn from my mistake and have a video call first before you decide to meet up.

In short, find your Thai woman in real life. It makes more sense.

To illustrate my point in a metaphorical sense, here’s a quote I found on

‘Digging up your own gems is the perfect way to add specimens to any rock collection.’

Samae beach, and what you should do there

To be frank, put up with the masses.

Koh Larn’s Samae beach - you’d be surprised!

Russians and Chinese aside, despite the fact that most Thais loathe the tan, they flock to Koh Larn and its beaches at weekends.

This island is close to Pattaya, so it means… I know, I know, but, hear me out. It’s by no means only hookers from Pattaya who take the 35-minute ferry ride to Koh Larn. Over the years, I’ve met a police officer, an accountant and an HR manager on Samae beach. All three Bangkokian women were available.

About halfway down Samae beach, there’s a restaurant with friendly Cambodian waiters in their early 20s. Just hint at your wish to meet a girl, and they’ll be more than happy to offer you a decent sunlounger. Rest assured, you will be making eye contact with some Thai lady before you know it.
To break the ice, you could ask her, ‘Wan yud sanook mai?’ (Are you enjoying your weekend?)

Go there at the weekend to maximise your chances of meeting a well-bred Thai girl in Koh Larn. That’s when professionals from Krungthep - the city of angels (Bangkok) - make a beeline for this little paradise so near from Pattaya.

Massage parlours, and what the willy will say and think


Appealing young ladies drumming up business wearing high heels, sarongs and smiles too alluring to ignore, they know exactly how to pull you in.

And as soon as the curtains are drawn or the doors closed, they unwrap their sarongs and start massaging you in literally hot pants.

Before long, they come really close and ask the dreaded question, ‘Special massage mai?’ (do you want a special massage?)

‘This job is reserved for my girlfriend’s hand!’ Oh, excrement! How the hell am I supposed to say no?

The special massage - pretty much ‘same-same’ as what you could get from a bar girl, but not different at all. Special is only the extra price, and not the affection they ostensibly feel for you.

Alas, if only they had money for an education, perhaps as musicians to give ‘happy endings’ a new meaning. My silent flute would be spared the struggle to say mai aw kap (I don’t want) virtually every time I go to a massage parlour.

In other words, if you want to meet a Thai of the educated sort, you had better give massage parlours a wide berth.

Hotels, and what you should consider before booking a room

Stars! They do matter regarding your search for your Thai soulmate if appearance is important to you.

General managers of luxurious hotels often take on drop-dead gorgeous receptionists, and for good reason.

Having met Areerat a lovely receptionist at one of Bangkok’s 4-star hotels during my check-out, I couldn’t get her and the deluxe accommodation out of my mind. The driver of the hotel’s shuttle bus was so kind to hand over my business card when he got back from the airport. And as luck would have it, she dropped me an e-mail four days later.

As an aside, Areerat, in Thai อารี - ‘ah-ree’ - , means ‘kind, caring, helpful’. And รัตน์ - ‘rat’ - has nothing to do with a rat. On the contrary, it means ‘jewel’.

Staying in fancy hotels pans out, not only in terms of striking your fancy, but with reference to hunting for a gem as well. A gem that might become a precious, curvy ‘stone’ one day - your very own, personal, caring jewel. After polishing and engraving.

The gym, and what you could say to your dream girl

You don’t need to be a fitness fiend to get your money’s worth in the gym.

Even a gravitationally challenged man may find his partner there if he has the balls to start talking to his goddess.

Take me, for example; I went to a fitness centre in Phuket on Christmas Eve last year.
Running my heart out, I suddenly sensed that the Thai girl walking on the treadmill to my right was eyeing me. I told myself to grab the golden opportunity once we both finished the work-out.

When she stopped walking, I was like, ‘Have you achieved your goal for today?’

‘Beb nueng!’ (One moment!) she hastily replied and whipped her mobile phone out of her pocket, motioning to me to speak to it and repeat what I’d just asked.

She dumped her smartphone as a means of communication after our first English / Thai lesson, and her English - and my Thai - has been improving ever since.

I see my tee-rak (darling) every day and am very sure I’ve found my twin soul.

And so can you. What do you have to lose? Your face? We’re nowhere near as sensitive as Asians when it comes to losing face, are we?

Make the first move, chat her up. If she likes you, she’ll try to keep the conversation alive, even if her English is poor. Now you have a reason to learn Thai.

Obviously, this list is not final. There’s a myriad of places you can meet nice Thai girls. Sing at karaoke events or look around in shopping malls, visit local markets, eat street food, skulk near universities, go to airports early and come up with some questions you could ask at the information desk. There’s always a helpful Thai female around.

A word of warning, though: a Thai with a decent job or an outstanding education is no guarantee that she doesn’t suddenly want you to support her financially.
From financing her new car and paying a partial amount of her rent to buying her cosmetics and supporting her big family, a Thai girl’s wishes can be as manifold as her monetary understanding of love.

I’m not saying every almond-eyed girl measures love in money terms, but getting to know her well before starting a committed relationship pays. You don’t want to find her exemplary behaviour was a veneer.
Once you’ve put your foot in it, she won’t let you off the hook so easily!

Either way, it’s surely not all about gold-digging in the land of silk and money. Both caring jewels and angels are available to farangs (foreigners) who know where to find them.
Just beaver away at your Thai and mix with the locals. Bob’s your uncle!

What do you think - is the idea of materialistic Thai girls just a misconception? Leave a comment and feel free to share this on your favourite website.

I’m Philipp Meier from Fuellinsdorf, Switzerland — Freelance Health and Travel Writer.

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