Inovexus launches the first cross-border Pre-Accelerator Program for early-stage founders

Philippe Roche
3 min readAug 29, 2023

Who we are

Born in the US, Inovexus is a global accelerator supporting B2B early-stage meaningful companies. We are fast growing global community of +60 cross-border GPs and +300 entrepreneurs-investors willing to give back to the most promising pre-seed startups with funding and mentoring.

Since 2018, Inovexus has been a driving force behind the success of +40 early-stage startups, enabling them to collectively raise over €100 million through our flagship Acceleration Program.

Building upon this success, we introduced Inovexus Ventures in 2022, a strategic investment arm aimed at nurturing the most promising startups of our accelerator.

And now, in 2023, we are proud to unveil the Pre-Accelerator Program, a groundbreaking initiative tailored to empower pre-seed & early-stage founders in their first fundraising.

Why Inovexus is launching the Pre-Accelerator Program

We’ve walked alongside early-stage founders for years, intimately understanding the challenges of raising the crucial first fundraising round— the pre-seed stage.

Having engaged with many startups raising funds, we’ve harnessed valuable insights thanks to our cross-border mentors. These mentors are exited founders, ventures partners or C-level in the biggest US companies. They have an American mindset and global perspectives. They have shaped our expertise.

Raising funds at an early stage is not an easy challenge. Especially these days… VC funding in Europe fell by 61% compared with H1 2022. Pre-seed founders are having a difficult time fundraising. That’s why we decided to act. Designed by seasoned experts, the Pre-Accelerator Program is a launchpad to guide founders through their fundraising.

With the Pre-Accelerator Program, we’re broadening our horizons, extending our reach to support even younger projects that may not precisely align with our investment thesis but show immense promise, thereby benefiting from our mentorship.

What is the Pre-Accelerator Program?

Founders will gain a competitive edge through direct interactions with industry specialists, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and strategies needed to maximize their fundraising success.

At the heart of the Pre-Accelerator Program lies a transformative 3-month journey that empowers founders with indispensable tools and resources. The program is composed of:

  • Workshops: Collaborative group work sessions led by experts, delving into critical topics. From comprehending the fundraising ecosystem and cap tables to crafting persuasive pitch decks and navigating legal intricacies. Additional focus areas encompass term sheet negotiations, building effective boards, designing business plan, and adopting an international vision.
  • Office Hours: Private, one-on-one session with community experts that provide tailored guidance on essential topics.
  • Touch Points: Continuous engagement through feedback loops, ensuring founders receive tailored advice, and tracking key performance indicators alongside our Inovexus Ventures team.

How to Join the Pre-Accelerator Program?

Submit your application here.

The Inovexus team will review your application. If you are pre-selected, we will organize a call to know more about your project and ensure alignment with our program’s vision and goals.

We receive +150 applications per cohort, we select 6 startups. Only 4% of the startups are selected.

Join us on this transformative journey and become part of a global community that believes in your potential. Your roadmap to fundraising success starts here.

What you need to know about the Pre-Accelerator program in a nutshell:

  • Goal: Improve your chance to raise funds through a cross-border Pre-Accelerator program.
  • Length: 3 months
  • Location: France — 100% remotely (option for local physical events)
  • Cost: €5k/month during 3 months (excl.VAT)

Apply here

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