How will value-streaming disrupt the rhythm of the economy?

The conversation around cryptocurrency has largely revolved around soundness as a store of value and its valuation as an asset. As designers we can ask ourselves what role we have to play in this developing ecosystem. How will sound digital money impact society in the future?

One of the most disruptive concepts is that of “streaming money”, first introduced into the conversation by Andreas M. Antonopolous in late 2016. Live streaming value has the potential to disrupt the economy to its core and will change every aspect of our lives.

“The fees that are likely to be used for something…

Photo by Cozine.

Email, one of the earliest and most widespread use-cases that demonstrated and further increased the value of the internet, was at its simplest level a one-time transfer of information from one address to another.

The timeless act of exchange, whether goods, products, values, thoughts, or ideas, has been facilitated by ephemeral mediums throughout history. Value can be seen as the human expression of stored energy, and currency the medium for transmitting that energy.

To contextualize the impact that the continual digitization of information and value will have on our increasingly globalized society, we can examine the history of exchange for trends and common threads.

Without monetary systems, value was often stored, exchanged, and measured in commodities necessary for life, such as salt, grain, and cattle. Bartered transactions impute a high transaction cost on every…

Philippe André Pagé

Designer, miner, bagholder

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