I doomed mankind with a free text editor
Morten Just

Very interesting but looking at this tool with some kind of skepticism. This could be good for marketing punch lines but could also be terrible for the language itself if overly abused. Having English as a second language, I often thought this language was sometimes too narrow (based on my non-scientific observation of what people wrote and spoke) but eventually discovered this: it’s not that English isn’t a capable language, it’s that most people don’t even bother using extended vocabulary. This may be part of the culture, maybe more American’s culture than English’s, using simple vocabulary isn’t part of the language itself: just open the English dictionary.

Having French (Québec French) as a native tongue, I noticed we tend to use unique words for precise situations, which can make our sentences shorter (not based on syllables but on word count), but at the same time requires us to know way more words. I think this is even more pronounced in France.

I would be curious to know if such an experiment would work in French as we tend to be agressive against anything that wants to alter and simplify our language…

In conclusion, I think English is a very special beast: protecting it as a native speaker might be the right thing to do, but the truth is there are way more people using English as a second language than first language. Thus, I would understand the use for such a tool.

Thanks for making this!

P.S: You should put a disclaimer somewhere in your software to clarify its purpose. In simple English. ;)

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