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If you are here, you are considering using an external solution to build your admin panel. You may lack the resources and time to build your own from scratch. Or you may have realised that a robust ready-to-use solution is more scalable. So here you are. But choosing an admin panel solution can become a daunting task. You need to take several key factors into consideration. Such factors include time, scalability, flexibility, use cases, objectives and resources.

When the stakes are your business operations efficiency, you cannot be too diligent. You want to take your decision in awareness of the advantages and drawbacks of each solution. …

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Community. A fashionable word for most businesses. A vital need for developers. For tech products, a community is at the very least a must-have. At best a decisive marketing asset.

Most tech companies rush to build a community around a free product. The first focus is acquisition. Some do it before even finding their product market fit. At Forest Admin, we did the opposite.

We chose to open our community only when our product was mature. In hindsight, we do not regret our choice.

From free users to paying customers

As explained in a previous post, a decisive step for Forest Admin in its early days was to make the solution 100% free. We called it the no pricing manifesto. That decision, taken in December 2016, made Forest Admin grow. …


Philippe Gadiou

Customer Success @ForestSaaS

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