Since Google Maps launched 15 years ago, they have revolutionised the world of digital maps and now help over one billion users get from A to B (and so much more)

It’s almost impossible to think of a time before we could enter an address into our smartphones and just go. Since its release in 2005, Google Maps have evolved and adapted to the wants and needs of our fast-paced and ever changing society.

One of the continually iterated aspects of the product has been Google Maps’ colour system. When we look at the current interface, we can see that…

Gamification incorporates the fun and engaging elements found in games and applies them to a product or experience. It taps into some of our most primitive instincts as human beings, making the experience all the more immersive.

Gamification guru Yu-kai Chou developed the 8 Pillar Octalysis framework. This framework analyses the forces that drive human motivation and displays how these elements can be harnessed to build engaging and rewarding experiences for a user.

Gaining and retaining customers is such a crucial component to a business’ success. This digital age however has further distanced that traditional face-to-face customer service experience and relationship. It’s even more evident in our current climate, which is drearily shadowed by this pandemic. People are now much more likely to complete daily tasks such as shopping, banking, and socialising via their devices — both for safety and convenience. This heavy reliance on online platforms can result in quite a few businesses falling short, struggling to adapt and accurately implement and embrace digital transformation.

It is truly up to the business…

From a Sketch user

Design tools are plenteous nowadays. I still remember using Adobe Photoshop to create User Interfaces. I switched to Sketch almost 3 years ago, with no regrets and still enjoying it. But competition is here and you can’t help but start to look for better alternatives. With Adobe XD, Figma and new players like InVision Studio, as a designer, there are far too many options and you can’t really get your head around to knowing which one would be the best and most suited for the way you work.

I stumbled across Figma a month ago and was very impressed. I…

Yesterday, Sketch just launched a new beta (47) with a new interesting feature in hand: Sketch Libraries. What is this?

With Libraries, designers can now share Symbols across documents and have them updated to always be in sync.

It’s pretty straight forward I think. This is going to change the game in the design world. Collaborating within design is generally a bit of a nightmare, especially with elements or texts that are different in multiple design files. It was a struggle when I was working in a team in my previous startup. Even though we were trying to keep an…

Working remote seems to be booming lately. According to the survey of more than 15,000 adults by Gallup, last year 43 percent of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely. Not very surprising to me, people like the freedom to work remotely. I’ve myself experienced the freedom to work anywhere I want as a freelance designer, so it was very hard for me when I had to go back working in an office.

In my previous job, working remotely was not really a thing. I guess companies still believe that you need to be at the…

I’m thrilled to announce the Version 2 of my side project UI Garage which is going to look really good! Some great stuff is coming and I can’t wait for you guys to start using it. But first of all, I want to tell you a bit about the story behind UI Garage, the passion and the struggle with the good and the bad (mostly good).

The struggle

Before UI Garage, I was struggling to find good and specific inspiration for UI and UX design. I’m a product designer and inspiration is one of the key factors to make great design. I…

I use Sketch everyday now, I never suspected Sketch to be the main issue of the limited free space in my hard drive. I blamed it on Photoshop but it wasn’t the main problem. But after reading the article

by @thomasdegry, I knew that it was Sketch. Here’s how I fixed the problem.

First, figure out how much space you’re loosing

Simply open the Terminal and paste this line of code:

sudo du -sh /.DocumentRevisions-V100

Thanks @nicolasfallourd for those screenshots (y)

Here we got 64Go hiding in the .DocumentRevisions-V100's folder.

@thomasdegry give us the solution to prevent Sketch from saving useless copy again, but we still have to figure it out how to delete

Philippe Hong

Designer & Entrepreneur | Founder of Director of Dunno Ventures. Author of “Practical Web Design”. I organise the @SYDdesigners meetup

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