Go Watch LA LA Land. It doesn’t matter that it’s a musical.

My business partner and our social media staffer bought three tickets on $5 Tuesday to watch LA LA Land at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas. I was excited because I heard about all the Golden Globe Awards that it won. But just before we entered the theater, they told me that it was a musical.

As a longtime New York City Broadway theater goer, I was a bit apprehensive about actually seeing the movie when I heard this. But I went in because I love popcorn and soda when I am on my protein-based diet.

The opening scene looked like a typical Broadway opening. I gritted my teeth and sat through it. After the opening scene though, I really liked the movie. I feel like it gave a voice to many of the struggling artists in the industry. It also had somewhat of a realistic story line. I can’t say much about the story line because I don’t want to give it away.

To keep a long story short (the move was two hours) — go see it. It’s worth the $5 we paid. It’s worth $20 and it’s worth a typical date night of $50.

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