letter to future students

Dear Hybrid 214 Student,

Congratulations on passing English 114! When I took 114, my professor seriously made us work very hard with very tight due dates. In all honesty, I thought I was an alright writer, since I had been writing for 12 years (K-12th grade). It came to a shock to me that my 114 professor said I could use a lot of work in my writing. Reflecting back, all my professor wanted to see was that were you writing how he wanted you to write? So yes, I had to learn a whole new way of writing just to pass the class. Please do not make the same mistake I did, allowing someone to steer you off course from who you are; always stay true to yourself and your writing, since all writing is an extension of yourself on paper.

When Professor Shannon first told me that I had to choose a topic to write on for a whole semester, I was freaking out. How could I write on a single subject for a whole semester without running out of ideas or getting burned out? At the time, I felt that I didn’t have a subject that I felt passionate about. I looked back on my experiences as a kid or even as a young adult to figure out what my topic was going to be about. I had some instances as a child that really stuck to my being, so I decided to write it. Even though I felt uncomfortable writing about a topic that is so personal to me, I knew I had to keep an open mind about it. Also I focused on a certain part of my topic, the political and legislative side, since I did not know anything about it previously. Through out the semester, I found it too easy to start stating my own opinion into my writing, which causes my writing to become bias and not reliable. If you are going to take any advice from me, please remember what I am about to tell you. Slowly work on your essays everyday to get the maximum amount of effort, plus your writing will turn out better.

Good Luck,