The Baltic States Keep Buying Unreliable German Rifles
War Is Boring

To begin with: I’m a daily visitor of warisboring and enjoy your articles, but this is just nonsense:

There’s nothing wrong with the G36. A commitee debatting whether GK has sold the Bundeswehr an unreliable rifle came to a completly different conclusion: first of all, 200 soldiers using the rifle in Afghanistan were interviewed during the committees hearing: It turned out, that soldiers praised the rifle.

It just has one flaw. It becomes slightly inaccurate when used in a warm environment. It was designed for central europe climate, not for afghan deserts, HK offered the German Army a desert-prove upgrade, but this was refused, because the weapon would become 500g heavier.

But as you also mentioned, the baltic theater is not the middle east or central asia. So ist should work there as well as it should.

Greetings from Germany

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