Twitter became better yesterday. But it’s still broken. Please fix it!

Oh, what a night. Yesterday Twitter got rid of the 140 characters per Tweet limit by excluding media (photos, videos, gifs) and quoted tweets from it. That’s pretty great for a Twitter heavy user like me, because I really love to combine tweets with media. In the near future, “@”-mentions will be also excluded, so we will have more space to write awesome tweets. But Twitter is still broken.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Twitter. It was my first social love long before Facebook. And I kept using it and I will never abandon my followers. But there are things Twitter needs to fix.


The amount of spam is getting more and more. It really started after I got verified. Since then I received a lot of mentions like this:

Everytime a see tweet like this, I block and report the account. But nothing changes and they don’t stop. That sucks because those fake sex bot shit is floating my timeline. Twitter, please fix it.


In addition to that hate is still a big problem on Twitter. There was a quite popular case in Germany where a former active twitter user quit the network after some trolls had threatened her son. They are just one example and the hate is growing.

In my opinion it’s the fault of a broken report system, which is not capable of handling spam and hate the right way. Twitter, please fix it.


When I got verified on Twitter I was pretty happy, because it was the last network that gave me the blue checkmark. And my whole communication became easier, because most of the users will get a notification if I tweet them — thanks to the verification.

BUT — I got verified before the easier verification process. Since this process has started I see a lot more people with the blue checkmark. Thats fine! But now Twitter is also being spoiled by one type of user — Twitter parasites, as Matt Navara from TNW is calling them.

There is a sub-set of Twitter users who, in an effort to gain a large number of new followers at speed, use a lame strategy which involves a really simple gaming of a core Twitter function. The follow/unfollow button.
The trick is they follow hundreds, thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of Twitter users, in bulk — every day — making use of a range of tacky bots or automation tools found online, or via various scripts that tinker with the Twitter API, to mass-follow/unfollow other accounts.

Even PewDiePie is pissed off because of those verified spammers:

Please Twitter, fix it

I know its kinda naive to think that this article will reach any of the responsible people at Twitter. But if you read it: Please, fix your product.

If you get rid of the hate & verified follow/unfollow problem, I will be fine with the sex spam bots. Promise!

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