Becoming The Developer That I Want to Be — My Journey
Nadia Rodriguez

How are you doing with your tutorials? Have you started creating something yet? If yes, then it’s great! :D

I like your approach in trying out everything that you can. I wish I did it when I was your age. But I don’t think it’s wise to have a goal of mastering all of the things you mentioned because no one is a master of any of the fields in programming. Unless you’re like Elon Musk, or James Gosling, or Bill Gates then by all means go ahead! Yet again, even they have to focus on a few things. Not all.

To help you choose, I suggest that you focus on one or two things that you are really good at and passionate about.

If you are a gamer and is pretty good at Maths and Physics, go create your game.

If you want to create solutions that help people from their everyday lives, or if you are personally experiencing problems that can be solved by technology, then go create your app. Learn mobile development whether you start from iOS or from Android doesn’t matter. And then maybe create a web app.

If you are a creative, you may want to learn UX and design. This can be a great complement to your game or app.

When you are starting to grow your client base, you may want to learn Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science.

I hope you see where I’m going here. Don’t focus on what type of programmer you’re going to be. Dig deep into yourself and figure out what you want to create. Basically we are engineers. And engineers choose their path depending on what they want to build. I hope this helps.

God bless you on your journey.

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