Not ready to give your child a smartphone? Say hello to smartwatch for kids

Smartphones have become such an integral part of our daily lives that we can hardly imagine how we would get by without them. About three-quarters of U.S. adults own a smartphone, and the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass five billion by 2019.

Unsurprisingly, it won’t take small kids a long time before their desire for a smartphone.

Studies have shown that most parents give in when their kids are around the age of 10, with 25 percent of children aged six and under already own a smartphone. However, what if there’s a better alternative? One that’s less expensive, easier for parents to control, and isn’t known to cause sleep disturbances and attention problems?

Kids smartwatch can be a good substitute

Yes. Check kids smartwatch, which is a mobile device designed to be worn on the wrist, are emerging as a perfect smartphone substitute for kids aged from 5 to 10.

What is kids smartwatch?

To start with, smartwatches are watches with touchscreens and other fun digital features, they’re much smaller and easier to carry around than smartphones. Smartwatch manufacturers expect their products to take all kinds of damage, and they design them accordingly. Parents who decide on buying kids smartwatches instead of smartphones do not need to worry about the screen shattering or the plastic cracking.

Despite their compact form-factor, modern smartwatches have all the essential settings smartphones have. Kids smartwatches usually come with a SIM card slot, which smartphones all do, which enables the watch to make phone and video calls, send text messages. It can also display maps and current coordinates, give reminders, monitor the wearer’s activity, and a lot more.

Children-specific smartwatch typically come with a companion app for watch setting, location tracking and content management. Parents can check kids’ location thanks to GPS technology, they can also set up GPS safe zones to receive alert if the child strays beyond a set boundary, and children themselves are often able to press a single button to call a pre-set number (or numbers) in an emergency.

Many kids’ smartwatch also come with various fitness features, which can motivate your child to exercise more by creating a sense of achievement. In a world where nearly one-third of youth are overweight or obese, such functionality is indispensable.

Making phone calls from the watch

When Less Is More

What many parents love about smartwatches and kids GPS watches is that they can’t do all the things modern smartphones can. They can’t play smartphone games (at least not the addictive kind with in-app purchases and gambling-like gameplay mechanisms), they can’t be used to watch online videos or chat with strangers online, and they don’t support popular social media services.

As such, they serve as relatively simple communication devices that are easy to use, carry around and can keep kids in touch with their parents. Considering the steep rise of smartphone addiction among pre-teens and young teenagers, parents should definitely consider smartwatches as a safer alternative to smartphones.



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