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Our Reticular Activating System (RAS) — is located in the brain stem and responsible for, among other things, filtering information from our conscious mind to our subconscious.

In the world we live in today, we become overwhelmed with an increased consumption of data — of both endogenous and exogenous origin. Since biological evolution is relatively (much) slower than social and technological evolution, our primitive, cognitive servers have yet to be fully upgraded. (Autism is the first step in this cosmic scale step-wise function, but that’s another discussion) We only have ‘so’ much memory on which to store this vast collection of data.

According to moors law, the speed of computer processors roughly double every 2 years. If only our minds were so adaptive. We do however, have a remarkable ability to reshape, regenerate and rewire our neural pathways. This phenomenon is called neuro-pasicity and it’s one of the fundamental physiological adaptations that really separate human beings from other animal species. Through different meta and physical cognitive techniques and practices, we can essentially rewire our inner switchboard.

It stumps me to see how little we interest the ‘average’ person has in the inner working of their brain. It is you, you are it. We are far more concerned with biceps and bikini bodies — mere physical utilities. Most of connected society falls into this category — that of the sensational, that of the transient, lacking substance. Unconnected society is by far the majority, but they don’t matter anymore. They fight for food and water and shelter and all that nonsense. Nobody got time for that.

Now, back to us important folk — that complain about wifi speed and expiry dates.

Through conditioning yourself to accept and embrace the importance of developing your inner game, above — but not instead — of your outer game, you’ll finally start pulling ahead of the collective field. You’ll quiver in awe of the tangible benefits available to those whom engage in the practices of introspection, meditation and objective thought experimentation. Among other (secret) things.

Basically, you have the ability to rewire and reconstruct your brain, thought processes and perceptions. The RAS can be reprogrammed, changing your subconscious in a way as to filter thoughts, instincts and emotions that result in optimal behavior from the sub-optimal. This is pretty cool. I’m not going to tell you how to do it. That’s my secret and for you to find out. The magic of books, the internet and your innate curiosity should be enough to set you on the right path.

Curiosity is my philosophy. Be curious enough, and I might show you a secret or two.

The above ‘thought’ does not abide the rules of prose, grammar or writing in general. I don’t care. But what i am trying to say, is that for the 2 out of 100 people that internalise even a modicum of what I spew, I am confident that your curiosity will propel you onto a new dimensional plane. One from which, your friends and family will appear comically 2D.

For the rest, who scroll, skim and scoff, that’s okay — recent developments in universal basic income look promising. Also, please remember, my name is spelled with one L for future googling purposes.

– Phil

Originally published at on August 26, 2016.