Breathwork-19: Your Untapped Superpower?

What if we all had access to secret, omnipresent superpowers to instantly mitigate fear, quell anxiety and deflect the powerful forces working against us?

Let’s explore the world of breathwork — with a focus on specific ways to navigate these powerful tools to build resilience and mitigate the toxic environments all around us. Take a deep breath…let’s dive in!

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is Trending…and Trendy!

Self-Guided Breathing for Relaxation & Meditation

My home screen when I open Breathwrk, one of my favorite mindfulness apps.

Professionally Guided Breathwork for Deep Healing

Want More?

The Breath Circle (podcast and web-based community launching soon) takes a fresh look at the world of breathwork, listening to the stories of people both in the breathwork fringe and in mainstream society. A key intention of The Breath Circle is to share details around the art and science of breathwork, creating more awareness and access to these transformational healing practices.



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Mimicry Media Corp

Mimicry Media Corp


Ex-banker turned breathworker, currently developing platforms to promote the consumption of healthier art and media through podcasts, webcasts and newsletters.