Quit Complaining About Facebook Ads and Start Using Them

Everyone-and-their-mother is on Facebook. You might not like it, but from a marketer’s standpoint, Facebook is gold, and for one specific reason: Facebook Ads.

We all know what Facebook Ads are. They’re everywhere on Facebook. You may or may not even be a fan of the constant in-your-face platform that this advertising brings. Whatever. Because as a marketer, Facebook Ads are a essential form of advertising that need to be leveraged in any good marketing strategy for three BIG reasons.

The first reason is targeting. One of the advantages of everyone-and-their-mother having a Facebook page is that Facebook has taken this data that has been given over without a second thought and it has created the most precise targeting platform for advertisers to target specific groups of people. The level of targeting specification is ridiculous. It goes far beyond basic demographics like age, ethnicity, gender, whatever. Facebook Ads allow you to target people based on what they like, what they search the internet for, even their purchasing behavior.

The beauty of Facebook lies in its various partnerships. Through these partnerships, Facebook can covertly gather data about your spending habits. When you purchase something from a business that shares data with Facebook’s partners, Facebook can gather this data, and you as the advertiser can then leverage these partner categories to target ads to specific groups of people that are more likely to purchase your product. Facebook data gathering is what the NSA wishes they could do — legally, that is, and Facebook users are none-the-wiser. The level of targeting possible with Facebook Ads should be enough for anyone to give this a try.

If that type of precision targeting doesn’t do it for you, then the second reason you should be considering using Facebook Ads is its cost effectiveness. When compared to other competitors — let’s say Google Adwords, advertising on Facebook — in our experience, costs roughly 80% less than spending on Google ads. Still not enough for you? Take into account that the clickthrough rates (CTR) and return-on-investment (ROI) on Facebook is significantly higher than what you would find on Google ad.

Why? It all comes down to user engagement. When you search Google, your primary objective is to leave Google. When you’re spending hours a day on Facebook, the goal is clearly not to leave Facebook. The majority of your attention is focused on scrolling through Facebook’s feed, and whether you realize it or not, you are also focusing on the ads that are placed throughout Facebook. This is why the returns are far more significant than what you might find through Google.

Regardless, Google still makes a ton of cash through their mediocre advertising. For some reason, people are still willing to commit a ton of cash to Google’s Adwords even though the value of it has significantly fallen over the last few years. It’s ridiculous. A ton of value is being left at the table for a product that not only has shown significantly better results, but also costs about a fifth of what the closest competitor costs. Very few advertisers seem to be intelligent enough to change their habits.

If, for some reason, you’re still on the fence, then we need to talk about data gathering. We know that Facebook gathers data on you, but, this also creates an opportunity for us to gather data on our market. Let’s say you ran an ad on Facebook and your targeting was awful. You threw gobs of cash down the drain. If you fail on another platform, often times you don’t get any valuable data from that failed ad. I dare you to go put up a billboard and then tell me, if it doesn’t work, how you would have been able to make it better.

With trial-and-error data gathering, you can either have spent a ton of money and have gotten absolutely nothing out of it, or — in Facebook’s case, you have spent a ton of money and you are still able to see different trends. You would be able to see that 18–25 year old males who enjoy fishing and live within 30 miles of the zip code 18013 responded well to your advertisement. You can take data like that, rework your ads, and go through the process again, refining your approach each time to target more specific segments. You can’t do this with Google Adwords — and they’re probably the next best competitor to Facebook Ads. These two platforms are not even on the same playing field with respect to your ROI.

So, if you haven’t picked up on it yet, I believe that Facebook Ads are a huge deal for any good marketing strategy. Advertising plays a huge role in marketing, and if your advertising stinks, then your marketing strategy is going to suffer. You do not not have the money to spend on inexpensive forms of advertising such as this. If you just ignore it, then you’re totally missing the boat.