Happy Thanksgiving, America!
Rosanna Stevens

That’s amazingly simplistic. I’m sad that we all must feel so boggled by the superficial crazyness marketers have communicated to everyone. I live in South Africa and am continually reminding people that we underlying the news and debbie downer reviews of our behavior we are good hearted. Our government does do things that are not ok. Ok. Fine. The long ass drive to Mom’s house is a willing tradition because we all get something out of it. We reconnect..even with our differences. We solidify who we are as individuals and ground our intentions as our bellies weigh us down. We see old friends and how they have changed. We try cooking as challenge. We try old and new food. Occasionally we go out because shit happens.

Overall we travel and celebrate and do give thanks for our family and all the stubbornness it must have taken to stick out being alone in a cold new world and making it happen ( in the 1600’s or last year), and we did it because we as a family stuck together despite differences at the family table.

Please stop describing everything we do as some hypocritical, immoral hypercrazy, bs. Most of us are cool. Most of us are thankful. Most of us care and we try and we stubbornly pursue our own visions with the help of, or in spite of, our family….. because our family built a country where we can. And for that we are thankful. This holiday has survived the bs to remain what it was meant to be, and say whatever about the grumpy parts, it works, and it is nice. Thanks mom for trying, and thanks family for always itching up despite everything. And if you ever come to the US I am sure someone will invite you over, give you a glass of something, gloss over some issues and hand you something super bad but delicious. Come join. We are thankful for you too.

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