So the second piece of the FUNK Rick James/Teena Marie puzzle arrived and boy was it worth the wait.

We kick off with the album version of BEHIND THE GROOVE, which I first discovered on my funk journey over 10 years ago with the Warner release Funkology which if you are serious about the foot, thump and pluck I highly recommend that you get.

So the song starts and straight away we remove our senses as we prepare to be transported by Lady T and RJ into a Funk spectrum that is never in front but always B E H I N D

This song is so different in most approaches to funk, driven by a pulse of a conscious bass groove with an open hat and snare crossover which carries all throughout which really surprised me.

The groove really is behind you as that funk’n’pluck from RJ makes you feel like if your unable to get your hips moving then your ass and feet will carry you to zanadoo that’s for sure!

Once again we trip our way into Teena’s next funky number YOU’RE ALL THE BOOGIE I NEED

The groove punched with tight brass and the continuous drive of the bass thumping us on the offbeat. This one to me has that post disco groove rhythm that is very reminiscent of a Jackson 5/Temptation arrangement, makes me wanna dance fo’shure.

We then get dragged into a feel like Rick has said “Hey T, so you wanna tell me a story? About a boy with a bass who meets a girl and that gets caught between that man, the bass and the does that end again?”

Very reminiscent of a 70s groove and very Bowie/Blockheads I would say.

We are walking with the bass on this one as she explains how she tells a story of how she is just A YOUNG GIRL IN LOVE. Heavily driven by Horns and Bass and top notch vocals from the lady herself and I’m sure this would have been a storm of a performance back in the day.

Finally the exciting cut on this is not only the 12” version of , but also the RICK JAMES (yes!!!) RICK JAMES MIX and M + M Mix of BTG. (GET IT FOR THIS ALONE B4 THEY ARE ALL GONE!)

Each is as loose as the previous and this M+M cut feels like the Doc from Tower of Power was in the studio while T was in the booth . The song pumps like the original but with the difference being a great sax solo thrown in.

The M+M Mix is great just for the little giggle we hear from T as she kicks her jam into full swing.

This one certainly feels like a party and that cowbell is infectious throughout the whole killa groove from start to finish.

Great release from Hip-O and pleased to have it in the collection.

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