Update to Atlantic Canadians : HotSpot

Hi Everyone,

You may not know me but for the last four years I’ve been building HotSpot with an amazing group of people. I’ve personally read every support email that has come in over the last 4 years and your feedback has made one thing obvious — we live in an incredible time.

Today the cost of building products has plummeted to a place where excellence is not the exception, it’s the rule. We’ve tried over the last few years to provide a level of excellence in all things from customer service, to user experience, to our core values.

There are times we could have done better, but what stands out to me over the last four years is the great people that have spent time on our team and the contribution they provided that is still felt by you our end customer. Life’s kind of funny like that.

In November we changed our pricing structure to $2.00 a month. This marked a bold new direction for HotSpot which is improving all forms of mobility for Atlantic Canadians — helping our neighbors get where they’re going. We want to ensure Atlantic Canadians have an excellent experience living here — we choose to bring excellence to Atlantic Canada we choose to lead and we thank you for the opportunity.

That’s why last night Moncton city council voted to approve HotSpot launching transit payment within the HotSpot App. There is no additional cost for the service; we’ll be sending out an update and all existing users will have transit payments.

We’re doing this because New Brunswick deserves a solution that’s properly bilingual, Nova Scotia deserves a system that is regionally accepted, PEI needs to have excellent customer support (it’s mostly my cousins calling) Newfoundland & Labrador is a place everyone should visit and mobility cannot be an issue. This is our home and when we think regionally all boats rise with the tide.

I want you to know that we’re extremely committed to providing the best service to all Atlantic Canadians it’s our home.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out I always check support.

That’s me!

Phillip Curley
CEO, HotSpot Inc

e: support@hotspotparking.ca

w: www.htsp.ca

a: Atlantic Canada