Trump Literally Said All Those Things.
Christina Reynolds

Donald Trump’s comments are outrageous, but they give us insight, too.

Donald Trump is a strong Democratic Party and causes supporter.

He is also a friend and ally of the Clintons.

He was quoted saying he did not give to the Republican Party because the things they say would never get them into the White House, and he puts his money on the winner.

So, why would he make such incendiary statements if he wanted to secure 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Donald Trump is an intelligent player.

The goal is to give Hillary the win.

If the plan backfires and he wins, who knows what he will do.

He is not a fool.

He knows it would be lose-lose to be an enemy with a neighbor.

Mexico is America’s friend and neighbor.

Donald Trump knows this.

It appears Trump is a loyal friend, and he is offering his friends favor by entertaining us.

The man is a master at setting himself up for profit.

If he wins, he is President.

Should he lose, his friends reign.

The plan is to send his friends back home.

This is the will of the plan.

What the masses are doing is the result of an experiment.

They know the masses respond to life by way of the media’s program.

American people are conditioned to fixate shows.

They smartly give the people a show knowing the people respond to life in the way instructed.

The mind creates by way of example.

The show is the example.

Audio and visual are powerful programming tools.

Donald Trump understands the power of a show, and he is dependable.
Stop watching the show, change the channel, and demand to know who these people are.

Their tax returns tell a story.

Apparently, Trump likes the Clinton Foundation a lot. Some billionaire Russians do, too.

In this election, the Clinton-Trump mastermind props-up an image of a woman as the weaker sex.

This is not a good sign for females.

There are places around the world where girls are forbidden to show their hair.

The first female President of the United States is confident in her convictions, and she stands firm for the rights of children.

She works to glorify humanity.

She is kind-of-like Obama in spirit.

Until then, let us make our leader someone who stands for human rights.


The next leader of the people is at hand.

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